90 Day Fiance: Kalani Faagata Adds New Members to the Family

90 Day Fiance: Kalani Faagata Adds New Members to the Family

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata welcomed new members into her family. Her marriage to Asuelu Pulaa may be on the rocks, but that doesn’t stop her from growing her family. Kalani made pictures (see below) of her two boys playing with their new members of the Pulaa family, a herd of ducklings.

During the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Tell-All, Kalani revealed to Faagata that she had kicked out Asuelu because he wouldn’t stay home during the global pandemic. She said he was still playing volleyball with his friends. Kalani felt that he put himself and their two sons in danger. Her mom, who they also live with, has a heart condition, which puts her at greater risk of complications. So she bought Asuelu Pulaa a ticket to stay with his mother in Washington.

However, 90 Day Fiance’s Kalani was not long away from her husband. During the Tell-All, Asuelu said he missed his wife and sons, so he went back home. But he still refused to follow the quarantine rules. According to Kalani Faagata, she and Asuelu Pulaa were still in a rocky place.

90 Day Fiance: Kalani Faagata Adds New Members to the Family

Kalani and Asuelu may not be on good terms, but their family seems to continue to grow. The 90 Day Fiance couple is already proud parents of two boys, Oliver and Kennedy. However, it seems that Kalaniwas ready to let her family grow. But this time she doesn’t need Asuelu Pulaa to make that happen.

The 90 Day Fiance cast member recently announced that she has welcomed new small additions to her family. Kalani got ducklings as a pet. She shared some pictures of her two sons playing with their new family members. It is not clear if the ducks are Kalani’s, but Kennedy and Oliver look like they like to run around and chase them.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. LMAO!!! Yea have ANOTHER kid he wont financially support or do anything for besides play video games next to them.. bahahahahaha what a messsy ass life, and i thought she was smart.

  2. Come on Kalani- THINK about your situation. Your husband is purposely putting you, your children and your Mother in severe danger. Don’t you realize that your husband DOESN’T CARE about the great possibility of killing all of you? OMG Kalani- snap out if it! No more justifying his felonious behavior. Show your kids this show later- they’ll understand.

  3. That relationship its not going to last, he’s like a little boy and kalani is too much of a woman for him, watch this relationship brake, and kalani’s father whooping aduelu’s ass, lol

  4. Asuelu isn’t mature enough for a marriage and kids. It makes me sad because I loved them as a couple at first. I was with someone who was like that. After 17 years, when he was close to 40 he left. Don’t let your life slip away waiting Kalani.

  5. Kalani,a person can only take so much,your calm as a cucumber,when you hold a conversation with him. Time to shake him up a bit.(NOT PHYSICALLY). Let papa take care of him.,have papa have beer with him & game pool. I’m not sure bout the virus there ,but state of cold ash tundra home of the GREEN BAY PACKERS. Is on lock down.. I thought for sure your dad lue would of been on the last episode with , mama bear Lisa.. I feel for you kalani strong have 2cute lil guys.

  6. This is so stupid! He is going out to play volleyball!! What is the big deal? Stop believing everything you hear. Kalani needs to grow up and stop involving your parents in everything that happens in your marriage! You are a mother and a wife NOW, not a twelve year old running to mommy & daddy every time your husband does a small thing. He needs to mature but so do you, and that is 💯!!

  7. I stayed judge lest ye be judge. It is So easy for people to sit back and judge others on a TV show. We all have to make decisions that we need to make at that time for our own lives. Let’s not be so ugly people especially now when we need unity in this world.

  8. What kind of person suggests someone get a divorce?? Seriously guys!!?!
    Sorry but this covid crap is a hoax, maybe he’s just smart enough to not buy into the US media’s lies. He absolutely loves his wife & children but c’mon people give the guy a break!! He’s young AND he’s from a completely different country with a completely different culture. He’s not a bad guy. He’s immature yes but he’s a good guy. Don’t expect him to move to the US and totally adapt, grow up & become “Americanized” overnight.

  9. I have NEVER seen such a ” manchild ” in all my life ! Girl, kick his a$$ to the curb. His family are all selfish a-holes as well. I absolutely can not believe that Asuelu’s culture demands he forfeits his children’s well being for his greedy ass Mom, no way !! What a hot mess. Good luck Kalani, you are going to need it 😒.

  10. @ANDREA V is an idiot and didn’t read this article. “LMAO!!! Yea have ANOTHER kid he wont financially support…” Kalani got DUCKLINGS not pregnant, stupid. 🤣🤣

  11. It’s a little late now. The children are here. They are married. He is immature. The age difference isn’t that great. It’s the immaturity level. Nobody forced her to have 2 children. It was a choice she made. She can’t go backwards. She informs her family of every detail. So she will have to make her own decision here. Finish letting him grow up or continue her wife alone as a single parent. Her family will help her. I don’t see it ended ok either way!

  12. Kalani! Kick him to the curb hes like having 3 kids! Wow!!! He dont do shit, have your Dad kick his ass! But before he leaves have him do that crazy dance he did in the airport that was hilarious! 😘

  13. Y’all are ridiculous!!! Its her life let her live it how she wants to!!! Also its almost a yr into this “pandemic” and clearly the babies are fine!!! Kalani girl you do what YOU think is best and dont let these people get in your head its your life doll not theirs so what they have to say is of no importance!!!

  14. Omg why do these people keep putting up with all these foreigners? Clearly they are just looking for a green card and mooching off americans but all are selfish and just don’t care about anyone but themselves.. Asuelu Is the worse.. He shows no emotions he’s like a big kid!!!

  15. Milani, needs to divorce that deadbeat husband of hers and she needs to go out and get a job and fend for herself look at all the working women we have here in America today and elsewhere she’s using the excuse that her dad is Samoan and that’s not what that culture does, in this day and age women work she lives with her parents if her mom doesn’t work she can watch the kids but she needs to get a life of her own and right now she’s depending on her father. I think the relationship and marriage is bad but I think they both are immature I feel bad for the two boys

  16. The children are chasing the ducks? I guess Kalani has no common sense, no compassion for animals, and no idea how to teach her children to respect other living beings. Poor, poor ducks. I hope they fly away to safety.

  17. Kalani is smart and beautiful. She deserves better. It makes me sick the selfishness her husband’s family displays. Why does the Mother want so much money? He has to support 3 people of his own. The Mother lives in Washington and looks healthy enough, she should get a job and contribute to her community and support herself. Come on , there are jobs out there for her. His Mother is selfish and greedy. The babies should come first, old bag. Get a job, lazy.

  18. Poor ducks. Does Kalani not realize that NO animal should be chased by humans?! Maybe she should teach her kids that instead of letting them chase and upset baby birds! And how irresponsible of this author to sound like that’s something cute!

  19. Andrea did you only read the topic of this article, if you are going to comment at least read it. It’s talking about ducklings, not another baby.

  20. Kalani is beautiful and sweet. She deserves more , he’s such a spoiled brat and a child. Not to mention he’s so ugly !!!!! He looks slow and bewildered . Kalani , please leave him . The kids are better off not seeing his little baby fits and the way he treats you.

  21. Kalani, dont allow that immature so called man to make ur life with the kids unhappy. Send him home to mama. Hes so childish, he will drain ur energy.

  22. Ever think the reason he is “out” with friends is because of how his wife talks and treats him? Nah you guys aren’t smart enough to think like that. She’s a controller through and through.

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