90 Day Fiance: Ronald Smith’s Instagram Shade at Ex Tiffany Franco – A New Love and Subtle Jabs

90 Day Fiance: Ronald Smith's Instagram Shade at Ex Tiffany Franco - A New Love and Subtle Jabs

The world of ’90 Day Fiance’ is no stranger to drama, and the latest social media posts from Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco are stirring the pot once again. Ronald, in a recent Instagram update, shared a tribute to his new girlfriend Lauren Fraser, but fans quickly noticed it seemed more like a jab at his estranged wife Tiffany Franco.

90 Day Fiance: Ronald Smith Praises Lauren’s Natural Beauty, Throws Shade at Ex Tiffany Franco

Ronald Smith’s post, featuring a photo with Lauren, was filled with admiration for her beauty, but it’s his remark about it not washing off in the shower that’s raised eyebrows. This comment appears to be a direct swipe at Tiffany, who has gained popularity as a makeup guru with her successful beauty brand and numerous online makeup tutorials. By restricting comments on his post, Ronald seemed aware of the potential backlash from ’90 Day Fiance’ fans who are quick to pick up on such subtleties.

The post, captioned “💕💕truth be told💕💕,” tags Lauren and praises her natural beauty, a stark contrast to the makeup-centric image Tiffany portrays.

Tiffany Franco Addresses Ronald Smith’s Subtle Shade on Instagram with Wit and Candor

Meanwhile, Tiffany Franco isn’t staying silent. Her online activity includes poking fun at her past relationship with Ronald. She recently shared a video mocking their ’90 Day Fiance’ wedding, calling it a “nationally televised dumpster fire.” This self-deprecating humor has become a part of Tiffany’s charm, as she now reflects on her tumultuous marriage with a lighter tone.

When a follower pointed out Ronald’s apparent dig at her makeup use, Tiffany’s response was candid. She expressed embarrassment for Lauren and questioned the need for Ronald to still talk about her. Tiffany emphasized her posts are “harmless” and expressed frustration over Ronald’s continued attention to her activities.

The exchange between these two exes showcases the complex dynamics often seen in reality TV relationships. With each having their take on the situation, fans are left to piece together the story from their social media interactions.

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Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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