90 Day Fiance: Tiffany Franco Is Praised For Going Make-up Free.

90 Day Fiance: Tiffany Franco Is Praised For Going Make-up Free.

Tiffany Franco showed 90 Day Fiancé fans and cast members her exposed skin in a rare moment when she shared a before and after makeup look.The 29-year-old single mom is currently starring in 90 Day: The Single Life season 3. After her multiple break-up with South African husband Ronald Smith, Addy Rose’s cosmetics owner Tiffany decided to move on and start dating. Tiffany’s list of suitors is long and fans have been keen to see what she looks like in 2022 as she has lost almost 80 kilos with gastric bypass surgery.

Frederick resident and TLC celebrity Tiffany Franco has made it a point to talk to her Instagram fans about her weight-loss journey and has even been honest about what plastic surgery she’s undergoing after reaching her goal weight. Recently, Tiffany has also been promoting new products from her cosmetics brand by creating thumbs up Instagram reels.

One of her latest creations shows Tiffany Franco before and after the glamour. First, Tiffany wears her hair in a messy topspun and is dressed in a loose sweatshirt. After Reel’s transition, Tiffany’s hair is different, as is her outfit, while her face is made up. It apparently took fans a long time to realize that 90 Day Fiancé actress Tiffany does not have the slightest bit of makeup on her face and her actual skin texture appears to be flawless. “That skin is chefs kissss” wrote one fan.

90 Day Fiance: Tiffany Franco Is Praised For Going Make-up Free.

Although Tiffany Franco still appears to be wearing a filter in the video, she kept things real, choosing to show how she looks without makeup.

Tiffany’s weight loss journey, combined with the fact that she has started to take better care of her skin, has given her a lot of confidence. However, Tiffany admits that a stress-free life is the secret to her glowing skin, which perhaps means Ronald is no longer part of her story.

Many viewers hoped that Tiffany’s casting in season 3 of The Single Life meant she was ready to break up with Ronald for good. However, due to her lack of success on the show and the constantly cryptic social media content, some suspect that she has reconciled with Ronald.

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