90 Day Fiance: Tiffany Franco Getting Weight Loss Surgery.

90 Day Fiance: Tiffany Franco Getting Weight Loss Surgery.

Rumours of Tiffany Franco’s divorce and pregnancy are spreading among 90 Day Fiance fans. Now, more speculation is happening because the TLC star told them she is going in for major surgery.

Apparently fans are wondering what it’s for and whether they should pray for her. However, it may not be as big as a huge surgery. She told people that she hopes to be out after a one night stay in hospital.

Fans saw Ronald Smith and his wife go through another public spat on social media. It took place at the end of May during the show. In this episode, the woman made all sorts of accusations about Ronald Smith. In fact, she talked about how her husband seems to be unreasonable in expecting her to move to his country and live with him. This came when she talked about her concern that he might not get his K1 visa.

Naturally, it came as no surprise to anyone that it all went viral badly on social media. At least that’s what fans think. After all, they go through the same drama every time they appear on TLC.

Well, if fans believe the divorce story, they can really relax because Tiffany confirmed on her live show this week that she is not divorced. Next, in anticipation for more people to fill the hall, she also mentioned that she’s not pregnant either.

Well, then she told her 90 Day Fiance fans that she felt very nervous when she went to the hospital. In the car, she mentioned feeling so nervous. Of course, since she recently underwent some makeover, the fans wondered if she had some kind of plastic surgery.

90 Day Fiance: Tiffany Franco Getting Weight Loss Surgery.

The cryptic way so often associated with 90 Day Fiance stars: Tiffany Franco first spoke about the surgery, but then said in comments that she “can’t really talk about it”. So TLC fans wonder why she bothered to say anything at all.

However, she did give some hints in her live chat. She told fans she felt “excited” and “can’t wait for fans to see”. Well, if he had gone for an emergency appendectomy or bowel surgery, he would hardly be excited to show anyone his scar. So fans assume it’s something worth seeing.

Tiffany Franco also told her fans that she’ll be offline for a while and urged them to follow her mom’s news. Well, news came in that her daughter has survived surgery. Plus, if you like watching hospital corridors, you can go there and see nothing at all. So, so far, the mom doesn’t gloss over what type of surgery she underwent. Speculation on social media includes gastric sleeve or breast surgery.

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