Did Angela Deem On 90 Day Fiance Have A Facelift?

Did Angela Deem On 90 Day Fiance Have A Facelift?

Angela Deem recently stunned her entire fan base with her brand new skinny. Since then, we’ve been following her weight loss journey through surgery in 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? But since her new pictures have surfaced, people have started to notice that Angela doesn’t even look like herself anymore. Well, that’s because of the wrinkled skin that comes after a sudden weight loss similar to his. However, it seems that the TV star hasn’t had facial surgery yet.

Recent episodes of the 90 Days spin-off series were quite entertaining as fans watched Angela Deem get her weight loss surgery.

Well, the process certainly wasn’t that easy, given the obstacles she had to face, including the fact that her husband rejected the surgery. In the end, Deem got her way and ended up losing over 100 pounds.

However, now that she has lost the weight, fans think the reality star may have gone overboard. They have noticed that Angie looks much older than before.

In fact, she doesn’t even look like herself anymore. People also made fun of her wrinkled neck and even say she looks like she’s “aged prematurely”. As Angela is now uploading more pictures of herself, criticism of her new look has also increased.

Did Angela Deem On 90 Day Fiance Have A Facelift?

As the latest episodes of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After reveal, Angela Deem has been trying to have facial surgery after losing weight. However, Dr. David Saadat refused to perform the operation until Angela commits to quitting smoking.

Well, since then, we’ve seen just how difficult it becomes for Angela to quit smoking. However, it seems she hasn’t been able to do it yet, just as she hasn’t had facelift surgery. Well, many fans have pointed out that the wrinkled and sagging skin on her neck is due to her drastic weight loss. Hence, she can only lose it if she undergoes facelift surgery. As it is not yet fixed, it is likely that Dr Saadat has never approved her surgery as she has not quit smoking.

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