90 Day Fiance: Yazan Abu Horira Claims To Have A New Girlfriend

90 Day Fiance: Yazan Abu Horira Claims To Have A New Girlfriend

90 Day Fiancé couple Yazan Abu Horira and Brittany Banks are separated from each other. Amid the rumors of a breakup, Yazan comes up with a claim about dating another girl! Well, moving on isn’t that hard, is it?

Some people always believed that Brittany Banks and Yazan Abu Horira had a weird comparison. Their relationship didn’t make much sense to the fans. Season 2 of The Other Way hinted that the couple could be together. But now it seems like a far-fetched idea.

90 Day Fiance: Yazan Abu Horira Claims To Have A New Girlfriend

Recently, Yazan Abu Horira enjoyed his time with a little conversation on social media. During this random Instagram live, he shared why he was away from social media for so long. Yazan said he had some dental work done.

There was another truth bomb approaching the fans. Yazan Abu Horira spilled that he had deleted his Facebook account. He had to do this because his “girlfriend” doesn’t like the fact that so many family members have been added.

This had shocked the 90 Day Fiance fans who certainly didn’t expect this. One of them asked about his girlfriend. He said he couldn’t reveal her identity. He also noted that she is his fiancée because his country doesn’t have the concept of a girlfriend.

Moreover, Yazan Abu Horira gave a vague answer to the question if he had moved from his girlfriend from Florida, Brittany Banks. The reality star answered that maybe his new girlfriend is Brittany Banks or maybe not!

A follower quickly returned to this claim and said that Yazan Abu Horira’s new girlfriend is Arabic. They said they feel that the girl’s name is lulu. Maybe they heard it the last time Yazan went live. She translated everything for Yazan and even called him ‘babe’.

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