American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe Rides Antique Bike, Fans Concerned for Safety

American Pickers' Mike Wolfe Rides Antique Bike, Fans Concerned for Safety

Mike Wolfe, the star of American Pickers, is busy filming a new season of the show. Recently, he shared a photo that has fans buzzing with both excitement and concern. Mike posted an image of himself riding an old-fashioned high-wheel bicycle, known as a penny farthing, down a street in Tennessee.

Mike Wolfe’s Antique Find

The penny farthing, with its massive front wheel and tiny back wheel, was popular in the 1880s. British engineer James Starley invented it in 1871, making it the first efficient bicycle.

However, Mike’s bike isn’t a recent discovery. He revealed that he has owned this Victor Highwheel for 35 years and used to ride it frequently. “I take it out when I need to slow down and calm myself,” Mike shared. “Being that high soothes my soul.”

Fans’ Concerns for Safety

Fans expressed their worries in the comments section of Mike’s post. The unique design of the penny farthing makes it a challenging ride, which has fans concerned for Mike’s safety.

“I think I would wear a bike helmet!”

“The bigger the wheel.. The bigger the helmet.”

What’s Next for Mike Wolfe and American Pickers

This photo is either an older one or Mike Wolfe is taking a break from filming the next season of American Pickers. While the show has faced ratings challenges since Frank Fritz’s departure, Mike remains committed. He recently signed a three-year deal to continue hosting the HISTORY Channel series. Mike is currently filming new episodes, expected to air at the end of 2024 or the start of 2025. The next season promises exciting finds from across the country.

Fan Reactions and Excitement

Mike’s recent activity has generated excitement among fans, who are eager for new episodes and discoveries. Despite safety concerns about the antique bike, fans are thrilled to see Mike in action and look forward to what the new season will bring.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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