Caitlyn Jenner Says “No More Love” – Is She Closing the Door on Future Relationships?

Caitlyn Jenner Says "No More Love" - Is She Closing the Door on Future Relationships?

From Olympic triumphs to the rollercoaster of reality TV, Caitlyn Jenner has always been in the public eye. Yet, it’s her personal life that often grabs headlines. After two marriages and a high-profile relationship with Kris Jenner, Caitlyn opens up about her current relationship status. Is she still on the hunt for love or has she closed that chapter of her life?

Citing a recent interview with The Times, TMZ reports that Caitlyn is not only single but also uninterested in pursuing any romantic partnerships. “I’m fine. I’m not even close to looking for a relationship. I’ll never have a relationship in the future. I just don’t see that in my life. I am not looking for that,” she said, candidly.

Failed Marriages and A New Identity

Before becoming the woman we know today, Caitlyn Jenner was married to Chrystie Crownover and Linda Thompson. Both unions ended, and it wasn’t until 1991 that Caitlyn found love again with Kris Jenner. However, the fairytale ended in 2015 when Caitlyn transitioned, leading to their divorce. During the years that followed, Caitlyn’s name was often linked to Sophia Hutchins, sparking rumors of a new romance. Alas, Caitlyn puts those rumors to rest by emphasizing they are just friends.

While Kris Jenner has seemingly moved on with Corey Gamble, with whispers of a potential wedding making the rounds (as seen on The Kardashians), Caitlyn remains resolute in her decision to embrace the single life.

The Pillars of Caitlyn’s Life Now

Caitlyn isn’t just filling her time idly; she’s got a packed schedule. From her large family including six biological children and four stepchildren, Caitlyn says she’s never alone. “Every night of the week I could go to somebody’s house and have dinner,” she explains. Moreover, she finds solace and happiness in the company of her pets, adding an extra layer of emotional support.

Though she may have stepped back from the romantic whirlpool that often engulfs Hollywood’s elite, Caitlyn seems content in her current life choices. We may not see her walking down the aisle anytime soon, but Caitlyn Jenner has clearly found her own unique version of happily ever after.

Written by Sarah Milner

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