Days Of Our Lives: Sami’s Big Ideas

Days Of Our Lives: Sami’s Big Ideas

Sami had a whole plan in mind to get EJ to forgive her and she put it into action thinking she wouldn’t have to do anything but watch everything happen.

Unfortunately, she ended up being chloroformed and kidnapped before that could happen.

What could her plan have consisted of? We always know that Sami hatch elaborate schemes that never go her way, but she keeps working because that’s who she is. But who took her? The person looked female and some fans think it might have been Ava ().

But it could also have been someone who has something to do with the DiMeras. It could have been Kristen or Susan, because they always have a problem with Sami. Will EJ get wind of her missing and will that help him forgive her?

Things are heating up in Alice Horton’s house between the two accent intruders Jack has invited as guests. It doesn’t matter that they’ve hidden a body under the couch and are constantly scheming and Julie can’t stand them. Jack likes having them there and that’s what matters.

On Monday, Xander has to come to Gwen’s rescue again (), proving his loyalty to her. What did she do this time to be saved? Did she kill someone and hide them under the couch?

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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