HGTV’s Christina Hall Ditches Ultra-Modern for a Natural Kitchen

HGTV's Christina Hall Ditches Ultra-Modern for a Natural Kitchen

The allure of the ultra-modern kitchen has been compelling for many. With its sleek lines, smooth surfaces, and high-tech appliances, it’s been the dream for fans of a futuristic lifestyle. Yet, it seems even design moguls like Christina Hall, famed for her appearances on HGTV’s shows “Christina on the Coast” and “Christina in the Country”, are stepping back from this trend. Christina Hall recently took to her HGTV series to share her own struggles with her ultra-modern kitchen, calling it “robotic” and far from functional for a family setting.

Christina on the Coast: Embracing Nature and Functionality in Kitchen Renovations

Christina Hall and her husband Joshua have just breathed new life into their own kitchen. Gone are the problematic cabinets and austere surfaces. In their place, you’ll now find warm white oak shelves, stained oak cabinets complemented by a white marble countertop, and a blend of black-stained cabinets. This choice wasn’t just a personal preference; it’s a move echoing a broader shift in home design towards more natural materials. You could call it a return to what’s authentic, a nod to sustainable living, and, most importantly, making a home feel like a home again.

Design woes aren’t just about aesthetics; they affect the practical aspects of daily life. Take Christina’s initial issue with the electric cabinets. While they opened automatically, they were so small that a dinner plate couldn’t fit inside. This situation presented an evident dysfunctionality, one that Christina and Josh couldn’t overlook.

Christina’s choice of more natural finishes isn’t an isolated case. People are increasingly gravitating towards real wood for furniture, cabinetry, and even floors. This trend likely stems from the idea that wood feels warm and timeless. It also creates an innate connection with nature, adding an essential layer of psychological comfort to the home environment.

But nature’s impact doesn’t stop at wood finishes. Live plants are taking center stage in home interiors, helping to breathe life into spaces that might otherwise feel sterile. In Christina Hall’s renovated kitchen, potted plants like Ficus Audrey and Ficus Elastic serve as lively additions, subtly enhancing the kitchen’s overall look and feel.

One more thing to notice in Hall’s kitchen design is the extensive use of natural light. Large, floor-to-ceiling windows sandwich the kitchen, providing not just ample sunlight but also scenic views of the garden. This design feature reduces the barrier between the indoors and outdoors, letting homeowners reap the psychological benefits of nature even while inside.

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