Is This The Last Season Of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

Is This The Last Season Of 'Grey's Anatomy'?

It seems like Grey’s Anatomy may end every year. It has become an annual tradition to speculate on whether or not the show is ending and whether or not series star Ellen Pompeo is finally done playing Meredith Grey. Fans have held out for nearly two decades, waiting to see what happens when Pompeo finally hangs up her gown and Meredith Grey rides off into the sunset.

With the season 18 finale fast approaching, viewers are asking that question once again, especially since season 18 saw Meredith Grey’s romance with Nick Marsh heat up and the return of fan favorites Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew. It seems like a great place to end the story and let everyone live happily ever after – but is it?

Is This The Last Season Of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

Despite more speculation, Grey’s Anatomy fans don’t need to have a heart attack about the future of their favorite show. The series has been renewed for season 19, which will debut in fall 2022 (exact date to be announced as ABC won’t announce their fall schedule until later this year).

While some cast members have left (like Richard Flood as Cormac Hayes), there are still many loose ends that could continue in season 19. Some fans are wondering if Meredith and Nick might get married, while Kate Walsh’s return as Dr. Addison Montgomery has led viewers to get excited every time she appears on screen.

Season 18 has made some great strides that could potentially lead to a satisfying finale. But as long as Pompeo is willing to continue playing Meredith and fans are still willing to watch, the show also has plenty of reasons to continue. ABC also wouldn’t let it end without announcing the final season and giving Grey’s the huge goodbye it deserves.

Written by Ashley Bennett

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