Married At First Sight Australia Season 10: Where Are They Now?

Married At First Sight Australia Season 10: Where Are They Now?

It’s the reality TV show that has us all hooked, but as the dust settles on Married At First Sight Australia season 10, we’re all asking the same question – what happened next? Let’s dive into the post-show lives of the couples and see where they are now.

Married At First Sight Australia: A Match Made in MAFS

If you’re a fan of happy endings, you’ll be pleased to know that two couples from the show are still together. Melinda Willis and Layton Mills are as strong as ever, spotted on dates all over Australia. They even had a double date with Caitlin McConville and her new boyfriend Kobe.

Another couple that is thriving post-show is Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton. Despite the shock revelation that they are distantly related, love prevailed. They’ve recently signed a 12-month lease on a house in Sydney and are planning their future together.

Married At First Sight Australia: New Partners on the Horizon

For many of the MAFS stars, their marriages may not have worked out, but love wasn’t off the table. Caitlin McConville, post-split from Shannon Adams, is now happily dating Kobe.

Cameron Wood, after parting ways with Lyndall Grace, has a new partner, Cheyanne. Intriguingly, Lyndall claims to have met Cheyanne during filming, introduced as Cam’s friend at the time.

Harrison Boon, previously paired with Bronte Schofield, has moved on too. He’s currently dating a woman named Gina, and Bronte, despite their rocky relationship on the show, expressed her best wishes for the couple.

Dan Hunjas, following his split from Sandy Jawanda, is now seeing nurse and social media influencer Samantha Symes.

Married At First Sight Australia: Jesse and Claire: Reunion Rumours Quashed

Jesse Burford, who was paired with Claire Nomarhas on the show, clarified rumours about their “reunion”. He revealed that their interaction at the reunion was cordial and friendly, but there was no romantic reunion as implied by the show’s editing.

Married At First Sight Australia: Flirty After-Show Antics

Post-show, there were whispers about a flirtation between Tayla Winter and Cam Woods. Both were previously paired with other people on the show, but seemed to have formed a connection after filming. Tayla confirmed the speculation, revealing Cam’s playful antics during a FaceTime call.

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