OutDaughtered: Ava Takes Control of Adam Busby’s Hair

OutDaughtered Ava Takes Control of Adam Busby’s Hair

OutDaughtered’s Ava Busby decided it was time to give her father Adam Busby a haircut. Everyone knows how much he loves his hair, so the fact that he let Ava take his hair shows how much he loves his girls.

OutDaughtered: Ava Takes Control of Adam Busby’s Hair

While OutDaughtered fans have seen Ava Busby grow over the years, she continues to flourish. She’s not afraid to take the lead or get into a bit of trouble. Ava Busby is the firstborn of all the quints, and she is also twins with her sister Olivia.

Being a twin in a quintuplet situation is very risky. Although the doctor encouraged the parents to “reduce” the number of babies, the OutDaughtered parents said no. And now we get to see this beautiful ball of energy. According to her mother Danielle Busby, Ava Busby leads the pack because she is the best eater and the best sleeper.

Now Ava Busby from OutDaughtered is using her powers to get her way. But it is not in a bad way, because she is more fun and playful. In fact, you often see her at the forefront of all fun activities.

Adam from OutDaughtered is an extraordinary dad. And he’s proving it by letting Ava and her sisters ruin his hair. The new look may not be permanent, but at least he showed it on social media for everyone’s entertainment.

It doesn’t look like Adam Busby will show it off too much. He said it looked like some kind of daytime with a hat and immediately put the hat with a shark on it. He seems to really like it this week, as a family.

Anyway, it seems like Ava Busby and her sisters are having a great time with their parents and the rest of the family lately. They recently took their first trip in a camper, watched some chickens and even tried to feed some fish in the creek. Maybe there will be more fun for the hairdo, since it looks like Ava may still have it in her body.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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