RHOC: Why Kelly Dodd Wants Tamra Judge Off the Show

RHOC: Why Kelly Dodd Wants Tamra Judge Off the Show

If you thought the feud between former RHOC star Kelly Dodd and current star Tamra Judge was dying down, think again. Dodd, who hasn’t been part of the reality show’s ensemble cast for several seasons now, is still wielding her sword of words against her ex-co-star, particularly against Tamra Judge’s lifestyle and her presence on the show.

Taking to social media to share her unsparing thoughts, Kelly Dodd did not hold back. Her words were captured by a Bravo fan account, @bravosnarkside, where she commented on the dynamics of Tamra Judge’s family life. Dodd accused Judge of displaying only one of her four children to the public and attacked her choices in fashion. She didn’t stop there; Kelly went as far as to question Tamra’s husband Eddie Judge’s sexual orientation, a rumor that has floated around in past seasons but has consistently been refuted.

But the cherry on top of Dodd’s accusations was her critique on Tamra’s return to the RHOC series. Kelly didn’t mince words, stating that Tamra’s return made this season “insufferable” and called for her to be removed from the show.

Is Kelly Dodd’s fierce critique a mere catfight, or does it reflect the sentiments of a larger audience? Interestingly, some fans seem to be siding with her.

RHOC: Do They Echo Dodd’s Sentiments?

This verbal sparring match between Dodd and Judge has got fans talking. One RHOC fan tweeted, “Kelly woke up this morning and chose BRUTAL HONESTY! I am here for it .” Another echoed the same sentiment with, “when Kelly Dodds comments are the truth… you know it’s time for a complete reboot of the OC!!”

It’s clear that this isn’t just Kelly Dodd’s personal vendetta; her opinions are finding resonance among some viewers. The consensus isn’t unanimous, but there’s enough agreement to fuel the notion that Tamra’s continued presence on the show might be due for reconsideration.

RHOC: What Tamra Judge Isn’t Bringing to the Table, According to Dodd

Kelly Dodd’s criticism didn’t just end with personal attacks; she even went as far as to critique the lifestyle Tamra represents on the show. According to Kelly, her own circle of friends possesses tangible status symbols like yachts—something that, in her opinion, Tamra doesn’t bring to the table. Interestingly, Dodd didn’t mention the incident where Tamra yelled at reunion host and Bravo executive Andy Cohen, leaving fans to wonder why that particular outburst didn’t make her list of grievances.

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