RHOC: Peggy slams Shannon.

RHOC: Peggy slams Shannon.

Peggy Sulahian is clearly not a fan of The RHOC cast member Shannon Beador. The Real Housewives of Orange County alum had some pretty rude things to say about the mom-of-three during a recent interview.

You can remember the American/Armenian Housewife of Season 12 in 2017 when she joined the show after the exit of Heather Dubrow. During her short stint on the series, Peggy shared her culture with the viewers and also opened up about her struggle following a breast cancer diagnosis.

The brunette beauty wasn’t exactly right with her castmate and the fans didn’t quite embrace Peggy Sulahian’s presence at Real Housewives of Orange County either. By Season 13, Peggy was gone and she has been under the radar ever since. But now she speaks out about the show, and there is clearly no love lost between Peggy and her former castmates.

RHOC: Peggy slams Shannon.

During her short stay at the The Real Housewives of Orange County, it was Kelly Dodd with whom Peggy Sulahian seemed to bump heads. However, Peggy also clearly has a problem with Shannon and she made that clear during a podcast interview about Politically Incorrect.

Peggywent a little deeper into the way she was cast for the show, noting that she was asked several times before she actually said yes. The 47-year-old admitted that it was difficult to be in the show because she mourned the loss of her father while trying to recover from a double mastectomy.

In addition to her own personal problems, Peggy was thrown into the drama of the show, and she certainly didn’t have the support of her colleagues Housewives. Peggy dealt with her difficult time at the RHOC the wrong way and explained why she was constantly colliding with Shannon Beador. Sulahian continues: “She’s a lunatic. She’s crazy, she has to take medication, to be honest”.

“She has to take medicine,” the RHOC repeated alum. “Especially to calm her down. She needs Ativan or something like that, with her hand gestures. God damn it, you’re 60 years old. Calm down, lady!”

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Shannon is a drunk who needs to go to AA, she has already started whining like she did with David, John won’t be around long. No one is missing Vicki and Tamra so please don’t bring them back, the cast is the best except for Shannon’s whiny ass, John is more fun to watch then Shannon. Emily and Gina are a lot of fun and Shane is fun too. Kelly and Rick are good together and fun to watch. Gina and Travis are fun and Elizabeth fits in too, she’s going to be fun. Shannon is the only handicap, other then that it’s a great cast.

  2. Start a new show. “Classy Wives of Orange County. Bring back Peggy AND Heather Dubow. Add a couple more if you can find anyone classy in Orange Co. So far Orange Co comes across as being full of trashy white women who feel entitled to behave badly. It would be nice to see a show with classy characters on it.

  3. I don’t understand why Bravo encourages people with alcohol problems to drink at the events. If a person watching the show can tell then why can’t the producers or Andy Cohen? It happens on every house wives show. I even have shows taped where the housewives speak to it. Shame on you guys. Shannon needs help so does Kelly.

  4. Shannon is a drunk and always will be …Not to mention being a liar.. She’s an old hag who thinks her daughters are better then anyone else …And shannon is the biggest back stabber .. She’s old fuggly old hag that’s not plesant on the eyes either … I wish they take her off the show and that annoying ugly Gina who thinks every man wants her … Has she looked in the mirror ?? And her voice ..Ugh!

  5. Shannon is a drunken fool how embarrassing for her children… get rid if her… love Kelly and everyone else..please don’t ever bring back heather or tammara especially don’t bring back vicki either… need to bring back lizzy and peggy

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