Scheana Shay Talks Brock Davies’ Dreams and Family First Approach in Latest Season!

Scheana Shay Talks Brock Davies' Dreams and Family First Approach in Latest Season!

Scheana Shay has been struggling with OCD and anxiety since her daughter Summer Moon was born. In the latest season, viewers saw how severe her condition had become. She is so anxious that she cannot trust anyone except her mother to care for Summer. Shay constantly checks the baby monitor and finds it hard to be away from her daughter.

However, she recently let singer Tori Keeth babysit Summer and is working on building trust. Her husband Brock Davies has been waiting for this progress and looks forward to spending more time alone with Scheana. Every parent needs a break. Their nanny has also become involved in a love triangle with Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz, adding more drama.

Brock Davies is venturing into the production industry, which came as a surprise to many. He has already closed one deal, as shared by Scheana Shay on a podcast.

“Right now he’s actually developing two television shows, one that I believe sold this week. He’s been meeting with different production companies. One is car-based, one is rugby-based and yeah. He’s gonna get into producing.”

This new opportunity is exciting for the family, especially after the gyms Brock owned were affected by the pandemic. His home workout app also didn’t perform as expected.

“So, when I met [Brock], he owned F45 gyms down in San Diego, and then [the] pandemic, obviously, wasn’t so great for gyms, they sold those.”

Brock Davies has successfully closed one deal and is working on another. This marks a significant shift from his previous ventures. He has the full support of his wife and friends. While Brock faced criticism for leaving his children in another country, he is now beloved by his castmates and has a lovely family with Scheana.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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