Sister Wives: Kody Brown Thinks His Wives Live In Four Different Worlds

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Thinks His Wives Live In Four Different Worlds

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been busy keeping his wives together as they struggle with separations in Flagstaff. Aside from that, Kody Brown has also had to deal with the jealousy that has been circulating in his family.

It seems that Kody Brown has been under a lot of stress during the last few episodes. However, he doesn’t waste time with his wives. During a recent interview, Kody Brown revealed how parenting works in his family and how he is committed to his wives.

During an interview, Sister Wives star Kody shared how things work in his family. “Each wife has to conform to my rules in a home and a household,” Kody Brown said. However, he admits that his wives no longer follow his rules. “And that went out the window a long time ago. Every mother has her own rules. And that’s probably one of my biggest struggles,” Kody Brown added.

Meanwhile, Kody Brown said his wives have very different interactions with their children. He also said his family has different interactions when it comes to screentime. “When it comes to younger children, it’s earned screen time, but when you’re overwhelmed, sometimes screen time is your salvation,” he added.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Thinks His Wives Live In Four Different Worlds

Sister Wives star Kody also admits that his wives seem to live in different worlds. Apparently, Kody Brown’s wives have different opinions when it comes to his decisions.

It is also known that some of Kody Brown’s wives don’t like the idea of living together under the same roof, while others do. The last episode of season 15 also showed the wives struggling with jealousy, especially Christine.

Meanwhile, Meri Brown did her best to restore her relationship with Kody Brownafter years of marital problems. On the other hand, Robyn is still dubbed as Kody Brown’s favorite wife and is also considered as one of the main reasons why Kody Brown’s wives are getting jealous.

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  1. Kody you can use a religion as an excuse, from a Bible rewritten by a man who used extramarital affairs to quench his sex drive. You have 1 wife only.You’re no different than a man with 3 girlfriend. Why fix a problem with one when you can go to another woman.
    Now they’re tired of sharing you and putting up with your rooster ways. Meri needs to leave and find true real love from another man, all of them do. You keep Robin that’s your favorite….

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