’Sister Wives’: What is Meri Brown’s Net Worth?

’Sister Wives’: What is Meri Brown’s Net Worth?

The first of the Sister Wives, Meri Brown, has a loyal following and detractors, and most of them want to know why she remains in her plural marriage. She admits that it has been a long time since she and Kody Brown were intimate, so why does she stay? Maybe because he needs her and knows it?

In the days, when Kody Brown began to accumulate spouses, they had defined roles. Meri Brown was the matriarch. Then came Janelle Brown, who was a career woman. She worked as a successful real estate broker and that’s why one of the sister-wives worked so well for her. Add in wife number three and Janelle had the co-parenting skills of Christine Brown to help her raise her children.

While Kody was ostensibly in sales and other ventures, when TLC came on the scene, it turned into bread and butter. Meanwhile, Meri began to build herself up into quite the businesswoman.

Today, it seems quite likely that she earns more than everyone else in the family. Not only can this make the Browns dependent on Meri for income. But it will also secure a place for Meri Brown because she doesn’t seem ready to leave Sister Wives.

’Sister Wives’: What is Meri Brown’s Net Worth?

In terms of income, there are three main sources of money for Meri Brown’s wallet. First is TLC cash. With an estimated income per episode of $25-40,000, split five ways, she will likely receive around $55-104,000 per season. Then there’s Meri Brown’s mega-seller LuLaRoe’s multi-level marketing program. The first Sister Wives is high enough to get annual cruises and trips. That’s only for top sales reps.

In addition, the underclass of salespeople she’ll be a part of is likely to be impressive, given her fame on reality television. And her status at LLR is so impressive that she was invited to headline one of their sales rallies.

And Meri Brown thanks LLR founder (and subject of the infamous documentary LuLaRich) DeAnne Stidham for her “faith in me”. The top MLM makers at the clothing company are estimated to earn more than $2 million.

Last year, Sister Wives star Meri listed herself as a second tier, i.e. coach, which averages around $230,000. However, given her new status as a headliner, she may have risen to coach status, which puts you in the $800k+ range.

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