Stassi Schroeder Misses One Thing About Life Before Becoming a Mother of Two

Stassi Schroeder Misses One Thing About Life Before Becoming a Mother of Two

Stassi Schroeder, 35, a former “Vanderpump Rules” star, spoke about her life as a mother of two. She mentioned this at the VIP Launch of the Jeremy Scott X Cybex Car in Los Angeles. Since having her son, Messer Rhys, now 9 months old, and daughter, Hartford, now 3, with her husband, Beau Clark, life has been intense and very different.

Stassi admitted, “No one properly warned me that going from one to two is harder than going from zero to one.” The couple now finds less time for themselves as adults, but Stassi added that they are gradually getting the hang of things.

What Stassi Schroeder Misses Most

Stassi Schroeder revealed that the one thing she misses most about life before having children is the ability to sleep in. She joked, “What I would f—ing give to just sleep till 9:00 a.m.” But, she said her body has adapted to early mornings. So, it’s unlikely she could sleep late, even on vacation.

Reflecting on her children, Stassi Schroeder shared that her daughter Hartford is more similar to her, describing her as her “karma.” She feels well-equipped to parent her because of their similarities. Hartford has also started choosing her own outfits. She prefers vibrant and varied clothes over the chic, monochromatic wardrobe Stassi picked for her.

On the other hand, Stassi noted that her son Messer resembles his father, Beau, in personality. “My son is so kind and sweet, and his soul and his vibe is just so pure, like my husband,” she said.

Parenting Milestones

Stassi Schroeder also shared some milestones her children have reached. Messer has started crawling, which she described as “really fun,” while Hartford is becoming more vocal each day.

Stassi and Beau married in 2020 after getting engaged during their final season of “Vanderpump Rules” in 2019. They welcomed Hartford in January 2021 and Messer in September 2023. Parenting is challenging. But, Stassi stays focused on balancing family and herself.

Reflecting on Vanderpump Rules and The Valley

On her podcast, Stassi Schroeder revealed she forgave Jax Taylor and Kristen Doute. This was to save her job on “Vanderpump Rules.” She clarified that in real life, she would never have forgiven them. However, for the show’s sake, she felt compelled to do so.

Stassi also addressed rumors about joining the spinoff “The Valley,” calling it a “dark place to be.” She supports the show. She doesn’t wish failure on her former castmates. But, she has no desire to join the spinoff. She prefers to focus on her current work and family.

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