The Family Chantel: Fans Want Pedro Jimeno Fired

The Family Chantel: Fans Want Pedro Jimeno Fired

Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett made their TV debut on “90 Day Fiance”. The couple had a lot of trouble tying the knot. There was constant drama on both sides of their families. When TLC realized that audiences liked the drama, they gave the couple their own show, “The Family Chantel”.

Well, according to the last episode, things have been pretty rough between these two. It was Pedro Jimeno who filed for divorce from his wife. Speculations suggest that Pedro Jimeno is no longer part of the show. Will he be fired?

The Family Chantel: Fans Want Pedro Jimeno Fired

The reality show “90 Day Fiance” captured their experience with the K1 visa and how a Dominican man started afresh in America. They also got the chance to play their spin-off “The Family Chantel”.

After four years of a stable marriage, viewers began to see cracks in the couple’s relationship. That’s why the last season depicted them growing apart. In the last episode, it was revealed that Pedro started paperwork to get a divorce from Chantel.

Viewers are irritated by Pedro Jimeno’s rude and disrespectful behaviour towards Chantel Everett. It all started when he started having problems looking after his wife’s household. As they are both working people, the American often said that he was doing his best to manage. For Pedro, it just wasn’t good enough and their fights became endless. Now, speculation on Reddit is that the star may now get more of a part. Since he is in the process of divorcing Chantel, it would make no sense to show him on the show.

On the other hand, a stalker was also prepared to petition TLC to keep Pedro Jimeno and his family off the air. They wanted the man to suffer after having “cutting off” the family’s financier, i.e. his ex Chantel Everett. These are just speculations on the internet and there is no confirmation of Pedro leaving the show yet.

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