The Family Chantel: All Of Chantel Jimeno’s Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

The Family Chantel: All Of Chantel Jimeno's Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Chantel Jimeno, is one of the most popular 90 Day Fiancé cast members of all time thanks to The Family Chantel, and many fans of the franchise are curious about how she keeps in shape. Chantel, a beauty from Atlanta, has always been admired for her good looks.

Many fans of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, however, are curious about how The Family star Chantel achieved her enviable figure.

Chantel Jimeno has always been beautiful, although her looks have changed since she first appeared in the fourth season of 90 Day Fiancé. Chantel married her current husband Pedro Jimeno despite strong criticism from her family. The ongoing Everett and Jimeno family dramas resulted in Chantel getting her own spin-off show in the franchise. This allowed viewers to see how Chantel’s appearance has changed over the years. Over time, Chantel has faced many accusations of lying about cosmetic surgeries, as her figure is often a subject of discussion among fans.

The Family Chantel: All Of Chantel Jimeno’s Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

As Chantel’s shared retrospective pictures show, she has always been a slim and busty woman. Many fans of The Family Chantel have accused Chantel of lying about breast enhancement. However, she attributes her body proportions to genetics alone.

While Chantel’s younger sister, Winter Everett, has struggled with her weight and constantly dealt with Chantel being underweight, older sister Chantel seems to be truly blessed with her genetics. Chantel has never been overweight, although she has become thinner in recent years. While Winter turned to gastric bypass surgery, Chantel has relied on other methods.

Chantel’s weight loss appears to be linked to her husband Pedro’s fitness journey. Pedro gained weight when he joined Chantel in the United States and overindulged in American food. He then turned to boxing and exercise to transform his body.

Chantel, the star of the Chantel family, also joined her husband in the gym. This caused her normally slim body to become even slimmer, which many viewers noticed. However, Chantel’s breast size remained the same thanks to genetics. Chantel recently revealed that her favourite gym is Challenge 2 Get Fit and she often shares her workout videos.

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