The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett ​Reveals The Beauty Secret!

The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett ​Reveals The Beauty Secret!

The Family Chantel spoilers reveal that Chantel Jimeno has addressed the speculations surrounding her appearance ahead of The Family Chantel’s third season. The TLC star recently came clean about all the cosmetic work she’s been doing.

90 Day Fiancé’s Chantel Everett and her husband, Pedro Jimeno, had a shared dramatic relationship on the show. They dated long distance before Pedro came to the United States from the Dominican Republic to marry his girlfriend, Chantel. While fans thought they would break up, Pedro and Chantel are still together and going strong. Meanwhile, their families are not getting along.

The lovebirds are set to participate in 90 Day Bares All where Chantel finally shares all the cosmetic work she’s done to her body. In an interview with ET, the duo shared how they keep their bodies so fit. Pedro said he spends an hour at the gym in the morning and practices Muay Thai in the afternoon every day. His partner was asked about the work she’s been doing after a preview revealed that Pedro’s sister Nicole said she doesn’t want to undergo cosmetic procedures. “I myself don’t have surgeries on my body,” Chantel says in the clip.

The Family Chantel: Chantel Everett ​Reveals The Beauty Secret!

Pedro grabbed Chantel and shook her to show that her body is all natural. “This is real guys, okay?” he said. “You think breast implants are going to do this? Look, that’s made in USA, OK?” They laughed as they watched the clip back. However, Chantel Everett shared the work she had done. She said that, “The only thing that I’ve done is Botox because I don’t want to have frown lines. It’ is preventative, you can’t even tell.” Pedro was surprised by the news and playfully scolded her for not sharing her beauty secret with him. “Wow. I feel betrayed,” he said. “How dare you not tell me? I put my hands in the fire for you! I say that you are natural and now you have Botop. That’s why your forehead was bigger.”

Despite all the drama and fisticuffs between the duo’s family, their love for each other will always keep them together. Fans thought Chantel was Pedro’s ticket to America, but it ended up being a solid union. Cast members return with more drama for a new season of The Family Chantel.

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