Tyler Cameron Wants Hannah Brown Back?

Tyler Cameron Wants Hannah Brown Back?

Tyler Cameron first met Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette. They clicked, and fans loved them together.

However, she chose Jed Wyatt over Tyler. Their relationship ended badly when Wyatt’s other girlfriend came to light.

Despite this, Hannah tried to reconnect with Tyler. They have met up several times. After their latest meeting, Tyler expressed interest in her.

Tyler and Hannah have stayed in touch. They supported each other through tough times.

For example, Hannah comforted Tyler after his mother’s sudden death. They also spent time together during COVID-19. Additionally, Tyler sought Hannah’s advice.

Before a show called Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, Tyler asked for Hannah’s advice.

Sadly, she didn’t respond. However, knowing she had faced similar challenges motivated him. This helped him complete the show.

Now, Tyler has his own show, Going Home With Tyler Cameron, on Amazon Prime. He asked Hannah to join.

He needed a designer, and Hannah used to work in that field. She accepted. In a preview, fans see her welcoming him.

Tyler admits to feeling chemistry with Hannah. He said, “It’s fun because there’s energy between us.” He also mentioned their collaborative spirit.

Despite her engagement and their past, they value their friendship and working relationship.

Tyler is open to having Hannah back for a Season 2. He believes in their mutual support. They still communicate.

Tyler often talks about his late mother’s fondness for Hannah. He hopes for more projects together. He sees her as a valuable addition to the team.

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