What Is Zach Davis’s Job On ’Teen Mom’?

What Is Zach Davis’s Job On ’Teen Mom’?

While Cheyenne Floyd wasn’t technically a teen mom when she was welcomed into Teen Mom OG, we’ve come to love her as part of the family. After breaking up with her ex-boyfriend Cory Wharton, Cheyenne casually hung out until she reunited with her high school sweetheart, who has now become the father of her second child.

The couple announced earlier this year that they were expecting, and during their baby shower, Zach Davis popped the question. So who is the man Cheyenne Floyd is marrying, and what does he do for a living?

Cheyenne originally met the father of her youngest child in high school, before her romance with ex-boyfriend Cory Wharton. She told Us Weekly, “Honestly, Zach and I have gone back and forth with dating since I was a senior in high school.” She added: “So, I think it was just, like, meant to be. Finally, we just looked at each other and were like, ‘OK, I guess we gotta make it work this time.””

After years of not seeing each other, the couple found themselves together again over food. It wasn’t long before Cheyenne introduced him to her daughter Ryder. She told E! News, “He just jumped in and she was like, ‘Let’s play!”.

Cheyenne continued, “He liked her from the start … Zach and I met when I was pregnant with Ryder. Ryder will be four this year and now we’re expecting a baby. It’s definitely an overwhelming feeling sometimes.”

According to Zach and Cheyenne on social media, the Teen Mom OG couple spends their free time relaxing with Ryder and preparing for the new baby, but many fans wonder what Zach does for a living.

What Is Zach Davis’s Job On ’Teen Mom’?

While it’s unclear what Zach does for a living, the Teen Mom OG star revealed in a March 2021 Instagram post that he’s becoming a real estate agent: “Money Monday! I’m starting the process of becoming a real estate agent, I’m excited to start this next journey.” He continued, “I’ve been [an] entrepreneur my whole life so this is my next big goal!”

While Zach’s Instagram reveals that he is a businessman, some users on Reddit suggested that he comes from a wealthy family.

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