Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans Felt ‘depressed’ While Away From David Eason

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans Felt ‘depressed’ While Away From David Eason

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans reflected on a difficult time in her life in a YouTube video and shared her experiences with fans. The YouTube video is part of the “Addicted to Growth” series initiated by Jenelle. In the series, Jenelle reflects on her past mistakes and how she has learned from her struggles.

In a recent episode, Jenelle Evans reflected on her time away from her husband David. Their marriage had hit a rough patch and Jenelle had filed a protection order against him, forbidding him from contacting her or their daughter Ensley. At the time, Jenelle moved her family from North Carolina to Tennessee in hopes of starting over, but the move proved difficult for her children, especially Ensley.

While Jenelle’s son, Kaiser, was still able to spend time with his father, Nathan Griffith, Ensley began to miss David Eason very much and struggled with not seeing his father.

Jenelle Evans opened up about what the experience was like and how difficult it was for Ensley in particular.

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans Felt ‘depressed’ While Away From David Eason

Despite the many fights she and David Eason had got into, Jenelle felt “depressed” to be away from him. She shared that she felt lonely in another state and that she hadn’t made any friends there.

Jenelle regularly attended therapy sessions, hoping that her counsellor would help her work through her difficult emotions. She felt that moving away from the children was the right thing for them, but she didn’t much like being away from David Eason and not having her family with her.

Despite their temporary separation, Jenelle finally gave in and turned to David Eason. Eventually, she gave up the protection order and moved back to North Carolina to reunite with him. Since then, the couple have done everything they can to try to make their marriage work, despite the harsh criticism they receive from those who follow them.

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