90 Day Fiancé: Annie Suwan Toborowsky’s Perfect Reply!

90 Day Fiancé: Annie Suwan Toborowsky’s Perfect Reply!

David Toborowsky’s wife Annie Suwan Toborowsky recently threw a big shadow over the new arrival of 90 Day Fiancé Andrew Kenton. This act came after Andrew threatened his wife online. This threat came not once, but twice.

Annie and David Toborowsk are one of 90 Day Fiancé’s most beloved couples. They first appeared on the fifth season of the hit TLC series. Since then, they’ve been in the news for all the right reasons.

Annie Suwan and David have been in love ever since they met and got engaged on the show. Their fans and followers love following their daily activities online.

But this time, it seems the couple may have gotten caught up in a small but obvious online drama. When a certain Andrew Kenton decided to threaten David for supporting Amira Lolly, Annie had no choice but to say a few words.

The couple usually post beautiful pictures on their social media. That’s why this particular post caught the attention of many fans. In the picture, Annie is seen wearing a black hammock and her legs are lifted up against David.

In the caption, she wrote that her husband gives her everything she wants. This post was very unlike the couple’s taste and caught many fans by surprise. So it’s obvious that the couple is still madly in love with each other after three years of marriage.

Annie found the perfect opportunity to smear the gentleman for threatening her beloved husband. So David decided to post a lovely picture of his life on Instagram. Under the caption he wrote: “What a past few days on social media, this is why I wake up every day so happy and blessed.”

David expressed his love for Annie and said he is grateful to have such an understanding and non-judgmental wife. He added that “She is my Queen, and I love her”.

90 Day Fiancé: Annie Suwan Toborowsky’s Perfect Reply!

To his surprise, he was delighted when he saw her post on David Toborowsk’s Instagram. She then decided to call out Andreas’ behaviour through this post. The 90 Day Fiancé star wrote that she knows her husband would be the first to rescue her if she ever got into trouble.

She added: “and not just eating D*mn stakes, not even cut it on the bias at hotel in Mexico.” This comment was clearly directed at Andrew. It was Andrew who did nothing to save Amira when she was detained at Mexican airports for two days.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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