90 Day Fiance Fans Rally Behind Darcey

90 Day Fiance Fans Rally Behind Darcey

The fans of 90 Day Fiance finally got the coffee date they were waiting for. Tom Brooks and Darcey Silva met during an episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 days of this weekend, and the result was explosive. Tom Brooks lost many fans when, after being fired by Darcey Silva following an unsuccessful conversation, he asked her if she had gained weight recently. Silva, to her credit, kept her tears at bay until she was left alone, and handled the painful matter gracefully. After the episode, it seems that many fans have gathered behind Darcey Silva and how she behaved during her chat with Tom Brooks, especially in light of her recent behavior.

90 Day Fiance: Tom Asks Darcey About Her Weight

The conversation between Tom and Darcey Silva was ultimately fruitless for the two in terms of a successful relationship. Brooks felt as if Silva was too focused on her past relationship with Jesse Meester, and explained that her concern for Meester was too much for him.

He also expressed the feeling that Darcey Silva wasn’t listening. Darcey Silva, however, was angry with Tom Brooks, who had been caught with another woman. The two were unable to reconcile and when Brooks asked Silva if they could maintain a friendship, Silva refused.

Tom Brooks must have been very impressed with Darcey Silva’s refusal, because he immediately asked her, “Have you put on weight? The question shocked a lot of fans. However, Darcey Silva maintained her composure despite the targeted jab.

90 Day Fiance Fans Rally Behind Darcey

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans gathered behind Darcey Silva after his conversation with Tom Brooks and his painful question.

A Reddit user posted in support of Silva, writing: “I was very impressed! He didn’t lose his temper while they talked. He held back tears. She didn’t lose her sh*t when he asked her if she put on weight (which makes him a disgusting pig, btw). … Good job, Darcey! That was the first time I ever saw her act like a confident woman during a meeting with him or Jesse.”

“I’m so proud that she didn’t cry in front of him. Taking big steps Darcey, crying in the bathroom like the rest of us,” added another fan of the show.

“I’ve always liked Darcey Silva, and seeing her tonight with her backbone I like her even more. She’s an A***,” said another Redditor.

Although it seems like a lot of fans are happy that Darcey Silva kept her cool, the fact remains that she and Tom Brooks were unable to resolve the situation. Time will tell if Silva and Brooks can establish a friendship again.

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