90 Day Fiance Stars Annie Suwan Toborwosky and David Toborwosky Reveal Exciting News.

90 Day Fiance Stars Annie Suwan Toborwosky and David Toborwosky Reveal Exciting News.

David Toborwosky and Annie Suwan Toborwosky have realized that America loves Thai food. David Toborwosky has always been vocal that one of the ways his wife Annie Suwan stole his heart was through her authentic traditional cooking. You often see David eating his wife’s creations at the 90 Day Fiance spin-off Pillow Talk.

David brought Annie Suwan’s amazing cooking skills to market in an online website with a catering company, complete with virtual cooking classes. From her pineapple fried rice to glass noodles with egg, fans are eager to duplicate those recipes in their own kitchen.

Not only did this couple recently announce a 90 Day Fiance spin-off cooking show on Facebook, but Annie Suwan and David Toborwosky have even bigger plans – they’re planning to open their own restaurant.

90 Day Fiance Stars Annie Suwan Toborwosky and David Toborwosky Reveal Exciting News.

The manager of the 90 Day Fiance couple recently spoke to Celebrity magazine and revealed that “David and Annie have been approached by numerous investors to do business. They are considering the offers and will soon make a final decision, but they are definitely going ahead with their plan to open a Thai restaurant. “

After seeing the success of their cooking classes, David and Annie Suwan are ready to create their dream and give the fans the Thai flavors they are looking for. The couple have come a long way and 90 Day Fiance OG fans will remember that David couldn’t even afford Annie’s dowry. After getting a loan from a friend, Annie Suwan was able to come to the United States.

Although the Pillow Talk couple had viewers wondering if she would even stay together, she pushed through the fight together and their success is now reaching new heights.

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  1. I love Annie and David! And I’m so happy for them for sticking through the tough times and making it! If l wasn’t half a country away I’d come visit their Thai Restaurant but I’ll do the next best thing and wish you the best of luck!

  2. This is one of the only couples who truly seems to love each other. I honestly will be viewing her cooking shows and hope someday to visit their restaurant

  3. Annie & David faced all the odds went through all the valleys and mountains! I knew when I started seeing her cooking on the show they were going to make it big with the love of Thai food. They so much deserve Sucess Congrats

  4. I love these two. They are so cute together. Wish them great success and hope they always stay together

  5. I have always loved David and Annie. They are the most sincere couple on any of the 90 day fiancee. Alex and Loren are also one of my favorites. I wish these couples well and God bless.

  6. I am feel happy for them after all the struggle in the past they get along as a couple and work together their relationship. Now is a new chapter in their lives to become a business owners good for you Annie and David my best wishes for you!!!!

  7. This is great news! They are a wonderful couple and I would love to see this happen for them! Thai is at the top of my list for favorite cuisine. I live in Gilbert, Arizona so I would most definitely be a patron of their restaurant!

  8. My favorite couple. I love Thai food. My boyfriend makes a delicious pai tai with glass noodles. I can’t wait to see what Annie and David cook up in the kitchen.

  9. The food looks so wonderful. When hearing the skillets sizzling makes it seem like you’re almost there. The couple makes you feel like they are in your home.

  10. Annie and David are one of main reasons, I watch the show. Heh guys i wish you a smashing success with your Thai restaurant. Your love story and overcoming so many obstacles is inspiring, and you can do it with your restaurant too.

  11. Wasn’t sure about either on show …but have fallen in love with them now. They always are so happy & it shows they truly love each other. They are the most adorable couple.I’m so excited for them…Their show will be refreshing compared to the other drama filled spinoffs….

  12. I live in Edinburgh Scotland ! I have watched 90 day fiance since the 1st episode all of them & my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE COUPLE ARE DAVID & ANNIE!! OMG they are so genuine fun & entertaining! Having their own show waw cant wait! May it be a huge success for them NO ther couple deserve it more! Love health & happiness to you both David & Annie from Bonnie Scotland x

  13. I’ve never had Thai food in my life just hearing about how good their Thai food is makes me want to eat some Thai food lol, best of luck to look you two!🤙

  14. Annie and David are such a great asset for 90 day fiance. They are one of my favorites. I think Annie is a true wife who loves her man. She hung in with their marriage through all the uneasy drama they faced early in the marriage. I love this couple!

  15. I am so excited for y’all. I can wait to see your cooking show When Annie had to cook while living in a factory without a kitchen I knew she had a gift creating food. And David by the way your hairs look fantastic. Good luck to you both ❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

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