’90 Day Fiancé’: Syngin asked Tania Maduro’s family members if she had a history of infidelity

'90 Day Fiancé': Syngin asked Tania Maduro’s family members if she had a history of infidelity

Tania Maduro hasn’t been a fan of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé Season 7 since she first appeared with her South African fiancé, Syngin Colchester.

The 29-year-old resident of Connecticut particularly shocked many viewers with her announcement that she was spending 30 days in the middle of their first 90 days together in the United States.

While Syngin Colchester stayed at home with Tania’s mother (in a barn behind her house, no less), Tania participated intensively in natural remedies and herbal medicine for a month. In the 90 day Fiancé episode of December 29, “I Don’t Have a Choice”, Tania and Syngin Colchester fought it out over Tania’s way of flirting and her lack of communication during her trip.

Syngin asked Tania’s family members if she had a history of infidelity

At the beginning of Tania and Syngin’s segment on “I Don’t Have a Choice,” Syngin Colchester reflected on his recent arguments with Tania. While he felt “abandoned” by her when she was in Costa Rica, she seemed to make up for it without him. “I hate it when we fight and we can’t solve the problem,” Syngin confessed to the producers.

And while visiting Tania’s sister and her husband for dinner, Syngin’s uncertainty about his relationship with Tania became all the clearer.

” Syngin Colchester seems a little sad just because I feel that she doesn’t even have a basic level of communication,” said Tania’s sister of the 90 Day Fiancé star. Even she and her husband felt that Tania wasn’t doing enough to make sure Syngin Colchester knew she was safe after a night out at the club, drinking and dancing.

Syngin Colchester even admitted that he sometimes wondered if Tania would be faithful to him during her trip. He asked Tania’s sister if she had ever cheated on previous boyfriends.

“I know she cheated,” said Tania’s sister, looking worried. “Why do you think that? Just because she doesn’t talk much?”

Syngin Colchester told producers that Tania’s tendency to seem “flirty” when she was drinking worried him. But he wouldn’t stick around if Tania cheated on him in Costa Rica. “I’d just pack my bags and leave. I’m not going to sit down and find out,” said the 90 Day Fiancé star.

Tania admitted she likes to flirt

When Tania got ready for a fun night out, she admitted that she sometimes flirted a little with other guys she found attractive. “I like flirting and I like talking to other guys I think are cute. I can’t really do more than watch. But I can still watch,” laughed the 90 Day Fiancé star.

In a bar in Costa Rica, Tania danced with a few guys and even with FaceTimed Syngin Colchester next to one of them. But when Tania took her phone out to talk, her pride and Syngin’s impatience with the situation led to an argument.

“We’re dancing… I’ve had a drink,” Tania admitted.

It was clear that Syngin Colchester had had enough. “I can certainly say you had a drink… you seem to be everywhere, to be honest,” he said to her, clearly annoyed.

“I just want you to be safe,” Syngin continued, and asked Tania to let him know she was home safely at the end of the night.

But his fiancé didn’t want to give in to the promise. “I love you and I’ll do my best to let you know when I’m home,” Tania said.

Syngin began to lose his patience and said it wasn’t too much to ask and Tania could at least take the trouble to communicate if he was stuck in the U.S. without her. “You’re drunk in a foreign country,” he insisted. “You can help me by letting me know when you’re home.”

Tania responded with a click when she hung up the phone and went back to the club.

Tania said Syngin asked for ‘more commitment’ than she could give

The next day Tania woke up with some missed calls, because once again she forgot to let Syngin Colchester know she was back in her room.

“I feel like I’ve had so many missed calls from you. It’s just a lot,” complained the 90 day Fiancé star when Tania and Syngin Colchester rejoined. “I said I’d work on it. You can’t get angry about something I never promised you.”

“It’s a simple little thing I’m asking you,” Syngin pushed back.

Eventually Tania admitted that she felt too much pressure to conform to Syngin’s expectations in the relationship. “You keep asking for more commitment than I can give,” she insisted.

But Syngin finally put his foot down. He told his fiancé that he’d changed everything for her. Meanwhile, he claimed, “You haven’t really changed much in your life.”

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