Alaskan Bush People‘s Bear İs Fighting To Have “equal Rights” As A Father.

Alaskan Bush People‘s Bear İs Fighting To Have “equal Rights” As A Father.

Bear Brown, 31 talked about the birth of his son River with former girlfriend Raiven Adams on Instagram last Monday and his decision to petition to establish himself as the child’s father, amid reports that he was trying to disengage as a parent.

Bear Brown shared a photo of his son, born March 9, resting on Raiven Adams’ chest and in the caption, said he was informed of his son’s arrival only two days later.

“Hello, everyone! There’s something I’d like to say! 1. It’s been two days since River was born before anyone told me! I’m not trying to unlearn myself as River’s father, I’m trying to establish myself as her father so I can have equal rights as a parent.” Bear Brown explained.

Bear Brown added: “When my petition was submitted there was a mistake in the order, it should have said that I am trying to establish myself as a Rivers ad! NOT SLIDING! Please check the court records and you will find that the error has been corrected. I will always consider myself Rivers Daddy! Thank you all for staying with me! Stay healthy and God bless you!

In September, Bear Brown and Raiven Adams revealed exclusively to PEOPLE that Adams expected.

The news came one day after the announcement of their separation, following a two-week engagement.

“Raiven Adams and I are excited to share that we are expecting a baby this spring,” Brown said. “Even though we are no longer together, we are still friends and dedicated to raising a healthy, happy baby.

Raiven Adams will be an amazing mom and I will do my best to be the best dad I can,” he adds. “The family is everything to me, and we appreciate everyone’s support as we try to understand our new normalcy.

Raiven Adams announced her pregnancy on Instagram, writing, “Right after deciding that friendship was the best thing for us! We discovered we had a little surprise coming. After a quick engagement, because we felt it was the right thing to do. We talked about things, and in the end we decided that being co-parents was the best thing for us and our baby. We are super excited and surprised to announce it, especially because of the current events”.

“We’re excited to be co-parentals as friends, and we do our best to be the best we can be. We can’t wait to discover the genre! Being in the early stages means many sick and sleepless nights. It’s okay, because it’s worth it.” In October, Bear and Adams got back together and a month later the couple confirmed they had a boy.

“It’s a boy! I can’t believe it! I would have been thrilled, no matter what, but it’s great that we’re having a boy! Bear Brown told people. “It’s crazy to think I’m gonna be a father this time next year.”

Raiven Adams said then, “We’re so excited to meet our little man next spring! Pregnancy isn’t easy, but I’m focused on staying relaxed and excited. I know it will pass in a flash.”

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  1. Idiots not practicing safe sex and bring another child into this world all because of the moment…..

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