Alaskan Bush People’s Matt is Truly Happy

Alaskan Bush People’s Matt is Truly Happy

A troubled soul in search of his own happiness, fans love to see Matt Brown do well. The year 2021 has also been a strong one for the former “Alaskan Bush People” star. In February, Matt Brown celebrated a full year of sobriety. Since then, he’s been going solo into the wilderness.

So rest assured, Alaskan Bush People fans, there is at least one member of the Alaskan Bush People family living off the grid. We have no idea where Matt Brown is at the moment, but he’s taking refuge in an actual cabin. At best, we now know – through his own words – that Brown is out of California.

Beyond that, however, he’s not offering any further details to his social media followers, wanting to stay – really – “off the grid.” Regardless, Matt Brown’s latest update shows the eldest son of Alaskan Bush People enjoying a “beautiful day on the mountain.” And for what it’s worth, he looks really happy:

Alaskan Bush People’s Matt is Truly Happy

Recently, Matt Brown showed off different facets of his off-the-grid lifestyle on his official Instagram. Followers have seen Matt Brown show how difficult it is for him to find cell phone service. Additionally, Brown’s recent and extensive update on his living conditions showed just how old-fashioned the 36-year-old currently is.

From making lights out of potatoes to creating “Neanderthal sleds,” he’s putting the rest of his Alaskan Bush People family to shame. That may be the point, as Brown has also revealed some incredible “truths” about his family in recent posts. Some of which – including allegations against his mother, Ami Brown – are truly shocking.

Yet through it all, Matt Brown seems to have found true happiness. These are common sentiments echoed among fans, who really seem to want the best for Matt Brown. Even your fellow Outsiders wish you the best, Matt. We hope the former Alaskan Bush People star can stay strong and enjoy his life to the fullest.

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