Karen Huger’s Age-Defying Appearance Captivates Fans

Karen Huger's Age-Defying Appearance Captivates Fans

February was an exciting month for fans of “The Real Housewives of Potomac.” Karen Huger appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” with Dr. Jackie and Andy Cohen. Karen, a reality TV star known for her beauty, showed a new look that amazed viewers. She joined the show in 2016 and has been open about her cosmetic procedures and her age.

Karen, also called the Grand Dame, celebrated her 60th birthday in May of last year. She doesn’t just accept aging but also enjoys every moment of life, as seen in the eighth season of the show.

Unveiling the Secrets Behind Her Youthful Glow

Karen Huger has sparked curiosity by appearing to turn back time. This has made people wonder about the cosmetic procedures she might have had. The RHOP star openly talked about using fillers and injections on the show, being honest about her aesthetic choices.

At the season five reunion, Karen revealed she got injections in her nose to improve her breathing. She explained, “I had injections put into my nose because it was bothering my breathing…My nose just tilts down with time, and they just filled the tip of my nose up with a little filler.” Bravo reported this. In the eighth season, she considered getting a tattoo with her daughter, comparing it to her regular beauty injections.Furthermore, at the 2021 reunion, Karen revealed another aspect of her beauty regimen: “I get the under-eye filler… I take very good care of myself. I eat well. I exercise. I think age is just a number,” showcasing her holistic approach to maintaining her appearance and well-being.

Karen Huger Stuns Fans with Age-Defying Beauty on RHOP

Karen has gone through a lot of changes over the years, not just in her looks. Remembering when she first started on the show, she noted how she’s transformed from her brunette days. This marked a time of renewal and growth for her. She’s also really focused on taking care of her internal health. In the eighth season of the show, she talked about managing a heart condition by watching her diet and exercising.

The admiration for Karen’s youthful look extends beyond her personal circle, with fans and co-stars alike expressing their astonishment. A fan tweeted, “Even with the current #RHOP season being unwatchable, you gotta give Karen Huger her things. Momma looks fab! The sole anchor and grand dame of the show.” This shows how much people love her age-defying beauty.

On her Instagram in February, Karen showed off her changing style. She went from having long blond hair during the Super Bowl weekend to debuting a new stunning look on “Watch What Happens Live.”

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