Love During Lockup: Jade Chipps’ Bold Move that Could Cost Her Everything

Love During Lockup: Jade Chipps' Bold Move that Could Cost Her Everything

“Star of ‘Love During Lockup‘ Jade Chipps takes a bold step in her marriage, but will it cost her more than she expected?

If you’re addicted to the WEtv series “Love During Lockup,” the recent revelation of Jade Chipps’ marital problems will keep you on the edge of your seat. Seriously, this is juicy, messy and oh so appealing drama. Jade’s latest move is such a gamble, it’s like betting all your chips (pun intended) on a single round of poker. But what’s the real story?

Love During Lockup: The Ultimatum Heard Around the Living Room

Jade Chipps was all about taking control of her life, and who could blame her? But then she did something that, well, you could call it either brave or naive. She outright demanded a postnuptial agreement or will specifying her financial protection from husband Chris Chipps. Gee, talk about laying down the law. Now Chris, already skeptical of his wife’s intentions, is questioning the basis of their marriage.

Chris smells danger and he is now on extra alert. Could this bold move turn against Jade Chipps? After this ultimatum, Chris begins to wonder – is Jade thinking of getting a divorce? This change in his attitude scares Jade, to say the least. Why? Well, she is implementing her backup plan to save money, just in case.

Love During Lockup: : Houston, We Have a Problem

Things are not looking too bright for Jade, and recent preview clips are anything but reassuring. Chris, who already had trust issues with his wife, now sees red flags everywhere. Jade’s plan is about to blow up in her face. Will Jade somehow be able to extricate herself from this predicament as she has done before? The preview of the season finale ominously suggests that their marriage could be a dead end. And if that happens, Jade faces a daunting financial abyss.

Jade knows she is playing with fire. There is a real possibility that Chris could cut her off financially. Without money, she’s in the ditch without a paddle. The stakes couldn’t be higher. And let’s face it, if this goes wrong, Jade has no one to blame but herself.

Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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