Love During Lockup: Tensions Run High as Raneka Moves to Atlanta for Her Prison Beau

Love During Lockup: Tensions Run High as Raneka Moves to Atlanta for Her Prison Beau

In the latest episode of Love During Lockup, we meet Raneka, a rapper, entrepreneur and mother of two from Louisville, Kent, who has fallen in love with an inmate named Asonta.

Aside from digital communications, Raneka has yet to meet Asonta. Asonta is currently incarcerated at Hancock State Prison in Georgia for theft and auto theft. Raneka has decided to move her and her teenage daughters Rickyah and Jahara to Atlanta to be closer to her boo. Asonta’s exact release is not known, but Raneka claims he will be released within days of her arrival.

Love During Lockup: Unexpected Love Story

Raneka, a well-known figure in the rap scene and business world, found love in an unlikely place—behind bars. Asonta, her prisoner sweetheart, incarcerated at Hancock State Prison, Georgia for robbery and grand theft auto, seems to have swept her off her feet, despite them never having met in person.

The duo has been conducting their relationship digitally. Raneka’s resolve to be close to Asonta has reached the extent of uprooting her life in Louisville, and relocating with her teen daughters, Rickyah and Jahara, to Atlanta.

Love During Lockup: Facing the Family’s Fury

As Raneka prepares to embark on her new journey, her friends and family express their disapproval of her decision to relocate, particularly for a man she’s never met physically. The tensions reached a boiling point during Raneka’s goodbye party, with her loved ones openly criticizing her choice.

Trying to placate her family, Raneka points out that some of them, including her mother, have also had relationships with inmates. However, this argument backfires when she is reminded that they knew their partners ‘In Real Life’.

Love During Lockup: A Mother’s Determination

Despite the barrage of criticism, Raneka remains firm in her resolve. She stands up for her decisions, reminding her family and friends that she is a grown woman capable of making her own choices. Eventually, her frustration boils over and she asks security to escort the unsupportive guests out.

Raneka pleads for her loved ones to give Asonta a chance. “You guys are already tearing the relationship apart before it even begins,” she says, expressing her desire for a fresh start in a new city.

Follow Raneka’s journey of love and upheaval, and the resulting familial tension in the latest episodes of Love During Lockup. Catch the drama every Friday at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv, and witness a unique love story unfolding.

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