Love During Lockup Star LaTisha Collier Faces Marital Crisis Over A $15,000 Splurge—What Happens Next?

Love During Lockup Star LaTisha Collier Faces Marital Crisis Over A $15,000 Splurge—What Happens Next?

Find out all about LaTisha Collier of Love During Lockup, who is in trouble with her husband Keith after a $15,000 luxury expense. Is their marriage on the rocks?

We all live for the drama, especially when it’s served up by none other than LaTisha Collier from Love During Lockup. So grab some popcorn, because we have the glowing news! You remember LaTisha, right? The one who married inmate Keith Collier? Yes, that’s her. Looks like she’s in big trouble and the marriage we were all so curious about is faltering.

Why do you ask? Well, LaTisha thought she deserved a sparkly, blingy diamond ring. So what does she do? She goes out and buys herself a ring, a huge one, for the sum of $15,000! Yes, you read it right! Our girl didn’t just buy any ring; she bought one that cost more than her car! She was in seventh heaven, all ready to show off her new piece of jewelry. If you’re interested in what’s involved in buying a diamond ring, check out this guide.

Ah, but what happens next is the highlight. She gets a call from her husband Keith and let’s just say, he doesn’t congratulate her. Keith is furious, guys. SO bad, it looked like the phone was going to melt. He wants to know why $15,000 suddenly disappeared from his bank account. What? Did LaTisha think he wouldn’t notice?

Love During Lockup: Trust Issues & Family Betrayal

Now we know that LaTisha and Keith have had their ups and downs. I mean, it’s Love During Lockup, we expect no less. But this one takes the cake. Keith wants to know where the money went and LaTisha has to admit it. She tells him about the ring, thinking he might appreciate her need for some bling. Spoiler alert: he didn’t. If you’re wondering how to deal with financial stress in your relationship, here’s a great article to gain insight.

LaTisha had to finish her celebratory drinks quickly, but what makes her even angrier is how Keith found out about her shopping trip. Are you ready? It was Aunt Marcia who grassed her up. Yes, the same Aunt Marcia who babysat their kids while LaTisha was away. Talk about family stabbing you in the back! LaTisha is furious and feels betrayed by someone she thought was on her side. What’s the lesson here? Be careful who you trust, especially when it comes to family.

Love During Lockup: Trust Issues & Family Betrayal

Okay, after all this chaos, where does LaTisha and Keith’s relationship stand now? On the rocks, if you ask me. Keith, who is normally very outspoken, is giving LaTisha the silent treatment. That’s a new low, even for him. She says she loves him, and what does she get? Silence and a hung-up phone. Ouch! We all know that communication is key in any relationship; if you have similar problems, here’s how to improve communication with your partner.

LaTisha is facing a difficult situation right now. She has a shiny new ring but may have lost the man who should be there for better or worse for her. Trust issues have surfaced, family loyalties are being questioned, and their already fragile relationship now seems even more uncertain. Keith’s silence may well be more destructive than any argument they have had. Only time will tell if their love will survive this $15,000 setback.

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