My 600-Lb Life: What Amber Rachdi From My 600-Lb Life Is Doing Now

My 600-Lb Life: What Amber Rachdi From My 600-Lb Life Is Doing Now

My 600-lb Life cast member Amber Rachdi is one of the most popular stars of the TLC franchise. Meanwhile, after her success on the show, many viewers now want to know more about Amber. What has she recently published?

As viewers of My 600-lb Life know, the current pandemic is affecting people all over the world. Meanwhile, the TLC stars are no exception. Amber recently opened up to her followers about how COVID-19 is affecting her. In her case, it messed with her overall mental health. Amber told her My 600-lb Life followers that “pandemic depression” hit her pretty hard.

For all the followers wondering where she’s been lately, it’s clear she’s dealing with her own issues due to the current state of the world. So that certainly explains why the TLC star hasn’t been engaging with his followers as much.

My 600-Lb Life: What Amber Rachdi From My 600-Lb Life Is Doing Now

Even though her current state of mind has taken its toll on Amber, she finds ways to keep busy. She told fans of her “My 600-lb Life” that she’s “stressed about things” she can’t control. Nonetheless, she keeps herself busy with things like gardening. In general, however, he said he has kept a “low profile”. On the positive side, Amber is grateful to have reached the age of 30.

Meanwhile, given her terrible state of health when she first filmed for ‘My 600-lb Life’, this is certainly a great achievement for her. He also keeps busy with fishing and work. So even with the current depression he’s dealing with, he’s certainly finding ways to keep himself active.

One of the things that viewers of My 600-lb Life want to know about successful actors is whether they can maintain their weight after they move on with their lives. In Amber’s case, she certainly does. However, she has a sense of humour about the whole thing.

According to him, Amber Rachdi joked that she will ‘always’ be fat. However, she did admit to being “marginally less fat” in recent months. This seems to be due to ‘stealing cool plants’ she finds wandering around. Either way, whatever he’s got, it’s definitely working for him.

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