My 600-lb Life: Where Is Sarah Neeley, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now

My 600-lb Life: Where Is Sarah Neeley, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now

TLC’s My 600-lb Life” sheds light on morbid obesity in a way no show has done before. Each season, one unique person gets their own episode where cameras follow them in their daily life as they start with Dr. Now, who tells them how much they need to exercise and how they need to follow his famous diet plan where people can only consume 1,000-1,200 calories a day.  Participants are not merely concerned with their own weight, which they have to contend with. In many cases, there are numerous problems behind the scenes that make recovery even more difficult.

Many of the people struggling have childhood trauma that they are still working through, or have additional health problems that need extra care. This was clearly seen in the case of Season 6’s Sarah Neeley, who struggled with drug problems and overeating. 

Her time on My 600-lb Life was harrowing, but in the end she managed to lose enough weight on her own to qualify for Dr. Now’s surgery. It’s never an easy road to recovery, but Sarah Neeley has done an exceptional job picking up the pieces.

My 600-lb Life: Where Is Sarah Neeley, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now

By the end of the episode, Sarah Neeley weighed 393 kilos after weighing 642 kilos, which means he lost a total of about 260 kilos. It was a great way to start the next chapter of her life, but after the cameras went off, it hasn’t all been plain sailing. 

The most heartbreaking thing that happened after her first appearance was revealed in her “Where Are They Now?” episode, when she talked about how she suffered through a miscarriage. It was a traumatic experience and she spoke at length about how it was immensely difficult to overcome.

Fortunately, things seem to be looking up now. On Instagram, she’s been posting extensively since the birth of her daughter, who she had with her now-husband Jonah. The journey may still be tough, but by all accounts Sarah seems to be doing pretty well for now. 

Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.