OutDaughtered: Mama Danielle Busby Shuts Down The Rumors

OutDaughtered: Mama Danielle Busby Shuts Down The Rumors

Whether OutDaughtered stars Adam and Danielle Busby bought a beach house has been a hot topic recently. As we reported earlier, TLC personalities spend a considerable amount of time at the beach. It’s not uncommon for the family to take off and spend the entire weekend at the beach. They also do not hesitate to spontaneously take last-minute trips to the beach.

At this point, if the Busby family bought a beach house it was speculation. Fans thought that spending so much time at the beach would become expensive for those who do not own a beach house.

Given how much this family loves the beach, it would certainly not be a bad idea to invest in a beach house. Apart from this information, however, there is nothing to confirm that the Busby family owns a beach house.

Also, from a financial point of view, it probably wouldn’t make much sense for them to have recently bought a beach house. The pandemic is not the ideal time to make real estate purchases.

Also, Adam and Danielle are currently working on renovating their house. It goes without saying that renovating a house to comfortably accommodate six growing girls along with Adam and Danielle is very expensive.

OutDaughtered: Mama Danielle Busby Shuts Down The Rumors

Earlier in the evening, Danielle Busby shared a photo of herself that OutDaughtered fans hired as Parker sunbathing on Instagram beach. In the photo was a fully dressed Danielle. She had one of her backstage playing in the wet sand at her feet. The adorable little quintessence at Mama Busby’s feet had her hair loose and pulled back in tight braids. “I think we need a beach house,” Danielle joked in the photo caption…

So, at least for now, this post has silenced any rumors that she and Adam had bought a beach house. This, however, did not mean that OutDaughtered’s mom did not agree that buying a beach house was a good idea.

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  1. Funny how these reality TV families think all this money from opening up your lives to the the camera is worth all this money. Just think how many of these families are ruined because of it. Either divorce, or the kids screwed up from all of it. Do you think the producers give a hoot about what happens to the families. Its just about the money and greed both from the producers and the parents.

  2. Quite frankly…who cares if they buy a beach house. If they can afford it. If it makes the family content….that’s really the most important thing.

    • Never mind the reality TV families, I don’t blame some of them, like the Busbys, who see a way to secure enough money to pay for the everyday life of a family with 6 little girls. They don’t have nannies and housekeepers. They’re simply trying to live a decent life that doesn’t require them to be away from their kids, or each other, for extended periods of time. I can’t imagine ever being able to afford university for 6 little girls, no matter how much of an average salary you manage to save. Sometimes, it goes to their heads and that along with underlying issues, leads to family destruction, divorce and really bad residual feelings. What bugs me about reality TV, which I love, is the way it causes fans to become so codependent on these families that they believe they are somehow “owed” an explanation of everything that goes on in their lives. They also want to be consulted in any major life changes and feel they must offer their “advice” and the families are somehow obligated to listen and weigh it accordingly. How about people watch the show, enjoy it and let the Busbys and all other TV families make their own decisions and do what they think is right, for THEIR FAMILIES? If the Busbys had bought a beach house, why is that anything to report by tabloid media and/ or something that fans NEED TO KNOW? I’m sure 99% of viewers would not stand for complete strangers telling them how to raise their families and what they can spend their own money on, but feel they have every right to speak up whenever a TV family needs to make a decision or considers doing something different for their families. Social media such as Facebook and the horrible Twitter, allow strangers anywhere in the world to feel “included” in TV families personal lives. I find it nauseating and also, in some cases, dangerous. I’ve seen lectures from strangers/fans on what medical procedures they should have, birth control methods that are the best EVER and EVERYONE should use, what outdated things people should do with their babies, ie- let them have a bottle, no bottles only breastmilk, pacifiers 24/7, spankings, food for babies no one should worry about (?) like hot dogs, grapes, popcorn.. So dangerous. Don’t get me started on vaccinations that people have been getting for decades that eridacated major diseases but all of a sudden are somehow dangerous EVEN THOUGH millions of children worldwide are kept safe every year with no problem. Then there’s politics and hot button issues. TV families are not allowed to have opinions about politics or current social issues and if they do, don’t let their opinions get out in public as then the crazies will organize a petition to have their show cancelled. If they try to ignore contraversial issues, they’re accused of not caring or being uninformed. They can’t win. I wish every fan of reality TV would take a long hard look at themselves and their lives before ever offering opinions or advice to complete strangers on tv or YouTube. If you would be offended or uneasy if that advice was offered to you, by a stranger, DON’T SEND IT TO A TV FAMILY YOU DON’T KNOW. In fact, most of the comments and mail sent to TV families would be eliminated if people did that review before sending any personal opinions or advice to TV personalities. They don’t need your help. You don’t need to know their business. You raise your kids and let them do the same. Keep your opinions to yourself or offer them to strangers on the street! At least they would have the opportunity to tell you to go away and mind your own business, unlike those families we see onscreen who I’m sure wish they didn’t have to read social media most days and wish the comments on their TV show pages would be turned off. Wait.. The public would then cry because they couldn’t voice their opinions. You see? They cannot win, no matter what they do.

  3. What is your problem people. If the Busbys bought a beach house or they didn’t is not any of your business or mine. Butt out. The green is showing up with your comments.

  4. Is it anyone’s business if they have a beach house? I honestly don’t know how they put up with constant judgment and trolling from the public. People have become so rude. I love this family. I love their parenting style. I admire how patient and loving they are. They set such a good example for other families. I wouldn’t even read the nastiness that morons write on the internet.

    • I’m with you 100%!!Those same nosy fans would not like that kind of intrusion into their own private life, but feel because the Busbys and others are on tv, it’s open season on inappropriate comments and questions followed by uncalled for advice on parenting. I hope that fans like you and I are in the majority, but if I ever venture into comments, there’s a lot more rude, inconsiderate, uninformed and uneducated people speaking up. So embarrassing to be that concerned about complete strangers private lives. Until theirs is perfect, they need to just be quiet.

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