Seeking Sister Wife: Did Garrick Merrifield’s Ex-Fiancee Secretly Have His Baby?

Seeking Sister Wife: Did Garrick Merrifield's Ex-Fiancee Secretly Have His Baby?

Did Garrick Merrifield from “Seeking Sister Wife” secretly father a child with his ex-fiancee, Roberta?

She left the Merrifields at the Season 4 finale, and they labeled her a scammer. Fans now speculate about her pregnancy. Here’s why.

Garrick hoped to have a child with Roberta, who still lived in Brazil. They met in Mexico. This odd scenario included Dannielle, her parents, and their two children.

Meanwhile, Garrick and Roberta tried to conceive. The main concern was Roberta getting pregnant in Brazil. This would force Garrick to stay there, with an uncertain return.

Roberta left before confirming her pregnancy. Fans, however, suspect she was pregnant. One fan noted Roberta seemed heavier on her last visit.

They questioned if she agreed to have the baby but then changed her mind. This might explain Dannielle’s sadness and the baby items around their home.

Other fans disagree. They think Roberta’s actions aimed to stay on the show and cope with her divorce. Her weight gain was likely due to the pandemic. The baby items, they believe, have a different explanation.

Despite rumors, fans debunk the idea of Garrick and Roberta’s baby. Dannielle is set to reveal a shocking secret in Season 5.

Her month-long absence hints at a pregnancy and a good plot twist. This aligns with Garrick’s desire for more children.

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