‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 4: Who Stars In The Reality Show?

‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 4: Who Stars In The Reality Show?

Seeking Sister Wife will return in a few weeks. The cast has been unveiled and viewers are curious about the newcomers. One of the new families is the Foley family. It’s time to see what it’s all about, but first let’s see who will be back for another round.

‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 4: Who Stars In The Reality Show?

Tosha and Sidian Jones wanted to add another wife to their family. They had gone from two women to one when Sidian’s wife left the relationship. They then became her, Tosha and her two children. Their aim was to meet the other woman in a completely organic way, for example in a bar.

Unfortunately, a pandemic forced them to take it to the internet. They ended up meeting Alex, who was quite a free spirit. Unfortunately things didn’t go as they hoped, so they are back. They’re pursuing Arielle, a Filipina who could bring a lot to the table-or she could ruin the relationship.

Dannielle and Garrick are back. They haven’t seen Roberta in a year, which was hard on the situation and the relationship. Therefore, they are determined to see what else is. That’s when they stumble upon Lea, who they are very excited about. Of course, Bert isn’t a fan of hers at all, so it can be messy and complicated. Will a quick trip to Brazil fix things or is it over for good?

The two new pairs are Epps and Davise. Epps’s family consists of Marcus, Taryn and India, but they’ve got a few scandals behind them. In addition, Marcus doesn’t know when to be intimate and when to hold back, so this could cause problems. In the end, the Davis family has an eclectic marriage but wants more. Have they met their soul mate? It’ll be fascinating to see, but time to meet the final couple.

Now that the other four couples have been introduced, who is the last one? It is the Foley family. According to Starcasm, it consists of Brenda and Steve from Texas. They love to travel, which works well since they apparently own a travel company. Their love interest for the season is April and they are very enthusiastic about her. The only caveat is that she is 21 years old. This shocks their son, who is a teenager and must feel uncomfortable at the thought of having a “mom” close to his age.

They also have another son who may be slightly uncomfortable with their lifestyle, but Steve maintains that they will continue to do what is “right” for them. There also comes a time when Steve seems to say that he cares about protecting April rather than his wife, but the context is unknown.

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