Sister Wives: Fans Wonder If Janelle Is The Latest Sister Wife To Leave

Sister Wives: Fans Wonder If Janelle Is The Latest Sister Wife To Leave

Christine Brown isn’t the only Brown family member who speaks frankly about how the family dynamic has changed and twisted in recent years. In a clip from season 17 of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown noted that things have become more tense since Robyn Brown joined the family.

This may be the best season of Sister Wives we’ve ever seen, as the Browns finally talk about the biggest issue facing the family; Kody’s apparent favoritism and his recent move towards monogamy. It’s something fans of the series have suspected all along.

Kody Brown has problems not only with his women. He also has a problem with his children. At least that seems to be the case at the moment. In a clip posted on Instagram and Twitter ahead of the second episode of season 17, Kody’s second wife Janelle Brown and his ex-wife Christine Brown openly discussed how Kody’s treatment of Janelle has led to serious problems. In particular, Kody Brown’s behaviour has caused several of his and Janelle’s sons to distance themselves from him. Janelle once referred to it as alienation.

In an open and honest moment, Janelle admitted that Kody’s boys have distanced themselves from their father because they don’t like the way he treats her. She said they all feel that Kody’s focus is on Robyn and the family he has created with her, not on the larger entity.

Christine Brown corroborated Janelle’s recollections of events, stating that Janelle’s children are upset by Kody’s treatment, despite the fact that Janelle is “fine” with the arrangement. The honesty of the clip is both refreshing and a little surprising.

Janelle Brown and Kody Brown have six children together, including four sons. Christine Brown and Kody Brown also share six children. Christine has spoken openly about how Kody’s treatment of her children influenced her decision to divorce Kody and move away from Utah.

Sister Wives: Fans Wonder If Janelle Is The Latest Sister Wife To Leave

Christine’s journey out of her marriage looks to be the main focus of season 17 of Sister Wives so far. However, other storylines have been hinted at, and we expect the series will also highlight the tensions between Kody and his other wives. Sister Wives fans have spent months speculating about the state of Kody and Janelle’s marriage. Many believe Janelle will soon leave her spiritual husband.

There is also plenty of evidence to support this theory. Christine and Janelle are still close, despite Christine’s decision to leave the Browns. Family watchers speculate that the friendship could be a sign of Janelle’s forking.

Janelle has also been spotted traveling a lot and Kody hasn’t shown up on any Instagram channels lately. Most importantly, based on recent teasers, Janelle is speaking openly and honestly about her family problems. This is definitely a new one. However, no announcement has been made.

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