Sister Wives: Meri Has Stopped Tagging Her Location

Sister Wives: Meri Has Stopped Tagging Her Location

The Brown family seems to be up to something. At least, that’s what the followers of the family think. The stars of Sister Wives, Meri Brown and Christine Brown, are incredibly active on social media, and rarely hide information. That’s so far. In recent weeks, Christine Brown has prevented her daughter from sharing family news twice, and now Meri Brown has stopped adding hashtag positions to her Instagram posts. Family followers think there’s something in their behavior.

Sister Wives: Meri Has Stopped Tagging Her Location

Meri Brown is as active on social media as she has ever been, but family followers have noticed that she has changed some behaviors for a long time. She has stopped labeling her location in several recent posts. Until recently, Meri Brown added a location hashtag to most of her social media posts.

While fans may not know where Meri Brown is right now, it’s clear that she spent at least some time at her family’s home base in Flagstaff. On May 30, she was spending time in the city celebrating several recent graduates. Instead of holding a traditional graduation ceremony, the city organized a graduation parade to make it easier to get away socially. She was also at her home earlier this month during a Livestream. During the event, Kody Brown barged into the room to urgently request Meri Brown’s signature.

Sister Wives: Where İs Meri Spending Most Of Her Time?

Even in the midst of the Coronavirus blocks, Meri Brown seems to travel a lot. Since March, she checked in from Utah, where she owns a small inn, and from Las Vegas. In February, LuLaRoe’s consultant did what she described as a “journey in a whirlwind”. During that trip, Meri checked in with her followers and asked them to guess where she was based on the landscape.

The fact that in the last week she danced around offering her location has intrigued some fans. While some followers believe that Meri Brown may have left her husband, Kody Brown, thanks to several recent captions, this does not seem to be the case. Maybe there’s another reason she doesn’t want people to know where she spends her time.

Written by Meghan Mentell

TV writer
Canadian journalist


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