Sister Wives: One Night Out of Four?

Sister Wives: One Night Out of Four?

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown makes some noise about her date night and how to prepare for such an event with her sharing husband. Christine Brown talks about a date, which sounds pretty generic. But is it a dig at her co-wives while hugging “sexy” the patriarch of Sister Wives?

Sister Wives: Christine Seems Skilled In Her Game

The third wife of the Sister Wives clan seems to have one thing in mind in her latest post: “embrace sexy”. Not only did she write it in her post, she also made a hashtag of it.

Looks like Christine Brown put makeup on, even with a bright red lipstick. Looks like she’s done making her sexy in red stilettos and tight jeans. Fans of the show Sister Wives know that Christine Brown has a tendency to compete for Kody Brown’s attention sometimes.

Christine Brown also seems to be the only Sister Wives spouse who often tries to hug Kody Brown in front of the camera. This is something he doesn’t like to do just out of respect for other wives.

Sometimes, during the 14 seasons of Sister Wives, Christine Brown played an embarrassing scene. She tried to hug her husband in front of the camera just to get him to back off.

Sister Wives: One Night Out of Four?

How an evening date works in the world of Sister Wives remains a mystery. Wives have said in the past that Kody Brown keeps a program that allows him to go from house to house to sleep.

But since Kody and Meri Brown opened up about their marital death during the counseling session, it seems that Kody only makes the rounds to three of the wives’ four bedrooms. He said he wasn’t living with Meri anymore.

That didn’t stop him from visiting her last week, since she did an online sales show. Kody Brown interrupted Meri, who didn’t seem surprised that he was there. So at least he went to see her with the original matriarch of the Sister Wives. But visiting and sleeping together are two different things.

Meri Brown admitted to wanting a relationship with Kody again. So watching Christine Brown brag about “date night” and “sexy hug” must hurt just a little. It’s for reasons like this that Kody has given up any affection for his wives if there’s a chance one of the others might see him.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Christine is she really that dumb? She can put anything on the internet but if she thinks. That gets her brownie points WRONG SISTER THE OTHER WOMEN ARE JUST TO STRONG TO PUT IT OUT IN PUBLIC WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY DO ON THERE DATE NIGHT PLAY BOARD GAMES LOL BELIEVE ME THEY GET THEIRS. SO KEEP THAT IN The back of your mind ! YOUR Lips are not the only one on Kody Brown! Meri, Janelle and Robin and probably a few more ladies if the truth is told lol

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