Sister Wives: The Real Reason Kody Brown’s Kids Aren’t Talking To Him

Sister Wives: The Real Reason Kody’s Kids Aren’t Talking To Him

Kody Brown seems to spend the entire 17th season of “Sister Wives” blaming his ex-wife for problems he had nothing to do with.

In a clip from an upcoming episode, Kody Brown laments his distant relationship with several of his children, including Ysabel Brown, who is preparing to go off to college in the upcoming episode. But the patriarch of the blended family refuses to take responsibility for her troubled relationship. Instead, he seems determined to blame Christine Brown for the problems.

Kody Brown’s relationship problems are not limited to his romantic relationships. Since moving to Flagstaff from Las Vegas, Arizona, Kody has had a fairly extensive falling out with his children. Some of Kody and Janelle Brown’s sons won’t talk to him after a battle over the restrictions of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Kody is also estranged from several of the daughters he shares with Christine Brown, and seems largely unconnected to the life of Leon Brown, the child shared by Kody and his estranged first wife, Meri Brown.

If Kody seemed like an active and involved father when “Sister Wives” began in 2010, he has now slowly disappeared from his children’s lives. Why is that? Kody has one explanation, while his wife and children seem to have another.

Sister Wives: The Real Reason Kody’s Kids Aren’t Talking To Him

While Kody Brown is busy blaming his ex-wife for his difficult relationship, he hardly seems guilty. Christine Brown has made it clear that she has invited Kody to several events. For years, she has fostered a bond between him and his children. Kody’s active distance from his children seems to be the main cause of their relationship problems.

In a recent episode of “Sister Wives”, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown have both noted that several of Kody’s children with Janelle do not talk to her because they do not care how Kody treats their mother. However, the estrangement is not new. Janelle talked about the estrangement in season 16.

Christine noted that Brown’s children, including several of her own, have noticed Kody’s clear preference for Robyn Brown, his fourth wife. She also seems to actively prefer their children together. All have pointed to unequal treatment, lack of commitment and emotional outbursts as reasons for the rift between Kody and his children. Everyone except Kody.

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