Sister Wives: Will Kody Brown Get Another Wife?

Sister Wives: Will Kody Brown Get Another Wife?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is enjoying being Kody Brown’s favourite wife, and fans are wondering how she’ll react when he decides to take a new wife. Kody started his polygamous family by legally marrying Meri Brown in 1990. He then married Janelle Brown and Christine Brown.

In 2010, the family decided to go public with their plural marriage, starting their own true-life series. When Robyn Brown came into the picture (she later became his fourth wife), Kody fell deeply in love with her. He divorced his first wife, Meri, so he could marry Robyn and adopt her children.

Robyn Brown is always special to Kody Brown and he even seems to prefer her children to his other wives’ children. Kody’s attitude towards Robyn constantly amazes fans. Recently, Christine Brown left Kody and moved to Utah. Fans supported Christine’s decision as she managed to escape what is generally considered to be an apparent plural marriage.

However, viewers are wondering if Kody Brown is planning to take a new wife since Christine Brown is no longer in the picture. Fans are unsure how Robyn will react to Kody bringing a new wife into their polygamous family.

Sister Wives: Will Kody Brown Get Another Wife?

Kody Brown’s spiritual marriages often seem romantic rather than platonic. In Robyn, Kody found his true love, or so his fans believe. He protected her many times and was always there for her.

In 2018, rumours spread that Kody was in love with a beautiful woman who has two children. However, he controlled his emotions and stopped seeing his new love, allegedly fearing that he might upset Robyn.

Viewers believe that Robyn is controlling Kody and believe that she does not want him to have a new wife because she is afraid of losing her power over him and her status as his favourite wife. There were many rumours that Kody was courting a new wife, but these types of rumours have died down recently.

Fans want Kody to take a new wife so that Robyn can feel the pain that the other siblings have been going through for years. Some viewers, however, would actually rather see Kody alone so he can experience the loneliness that his wives (particularly Meri and his ex, Christine) have felt for a long time.

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