90 Day Fiance: Does Angela Deem Have a New Man in Her Life?

90 Day Fiance: Does Angela Deem Have a New Man in Her Life?

90 Day Fiance alumna Angela Deem is very active on social media and likes to share different videos with her fans. Recently, she decided to use a filter that tells the user her real age.

The 56-year-old meemaw took a selfie video in which a bar appeared above her head while various numbers ran across it before the final number, or age in this case, of 39 came up.

Angela Deem mumbled the lyrics to a song playing in the background where she was before she opened her mouth wide, put her tongue to her mouth, smiled and shook her head before ’39’ appeared.

After the filter revealed she was 39, Angela blinked her eyes one by one before looking up and away. Comments were turned off on a post shared by her 745k followers on Instagram.

90 Day Fiance: Does Angela Deem Have a New Man in Her Life?

Angela Deem was reintroduced to Happily Ever After viewers in the latest episode, the third of this season. In particular, Angela talked about how she found her Nigerian husband Michael Ilesanmi seedy and that she needed to seek support from other people.

That led to an extremely flirty video conversation with a man named Billy, whom she described as a top male stripper in the “80s known as “The Thief of Hearts.”

Angela Deem said she had gotten from Canadian Billy what she was missing in her relationship with Michael, and the two made plans for Angela to visit him.

After Angela Deem’s scene with Billy was played out on the show, viewers quickly took to social media to call Angela a hypocrite. Historically, Angela has gotten angry at Michael for doing something that Angela didn’t explicitly tell him to do. Angela hasn’t allowed Michael to have his own social media or talk to any women and she has always had to answer his phone calls or face consequences.

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