90 Day Fiancé Star Angela Deem Displays Her Flexibility

90 Day Fiancé Star Angela Deem Displays Her Flexibility

Angela Deem has quite a reputation as a troublemaker in 90 Day Fiance. Obviously, viewers have seen her cause a lot of confusion with her husband Michael Ilesanmi and acting out on the Tell All special. Despite this, there is one other thing that keeps her in the spotlight and that is her transformation.

Apparently, the celebrity has been using her time to look young and fit these days. Thanks to this, she often makes a lot of posts on social media. Recently, he shared a video on social media of him doing arm curls!

90 Day Fiancé Star Angela Deem Displays Her Flexibility

Angela Deem has become quite popular since her debut “90 Day Fiance”. However, she has never been among the good books. Apparently, viewers didn’t like her loud and domineering personality. In fact, it often overshadowed her gentle husband Michael Ilesanmi.

Since their marriage, Angela Deem has been waiting for her husband’s visa to come to the US. During this time, she began to work on her appearance and had several surgeries to look younger and more radiant. As a result, viewers warned the 90 Day Fiance fame that she also needs to work out and not just rely on surgery.

As a result, Angela Deem took to her Instagram to share something shocking. Apparently, she filmed a video of her shaking hands. So she landed on her hands and tried to put both feet in the air. Although the star was unsuccessful, she propped one leg against the wall.

Nonetheless, Angela’s well-wishers were left impressed after seeing her, at the age of 56, performing an arm-waving test. So they took to the comments section to motivate her to keep working on herself.

Speaking of surprises, Angela again took the 90 Day Fiance by storm. Notably, she was present in one of the last episodes. Although the main focus was on Biniyam and Ariel in this episode, the star was there too. While Biniyam was having the first MMA fight of his life, Angela was there in the audience cheering on her companions. Eventually, viewers easily spotted her in the front row with the rest of the audience. Finally, Angela also made a post on her social media page about Bini’s victory.

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