90 Day Fiance: Mike & Natalie Struggle to Find Solution

90 Day Fiance: Mike & Natalie Struggle to Find Solution

90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal that Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist disagree about going to couples therapy. The TLC duo’s 90-day wedding journey is quickly coming to an end and they still have a lot to work on. Natalie hopes that Mike will be open to seeing a therapist. But, convincing him proves to be a challenge.

Natalie and Mike are in the middle of their 90 day journey. The 90 Day Fiance cast members don’t have much time to decide if they want to get married. Spoilers suggest that Mike Youngquist needs another “45-90 days” to work on their relationship.

The TLC couple is struggling to get along. But Natalie seems to have an idea in mind about how they can work out their problems. 90 Day Fiance spoilers show Natalie suggesting that she and Mike see a psychologist or family counselor. She would like to go to couples therapy and talk to a therapist.

However, Mike disagrees with the idea and shuts her down. He says “no, I’m not interested” in talking to someone. He wonders what Natalie thinks they should talk about.

Natalie believes that she and Mike Youngquist come from different mindsets. She says they have problems that can be solved “easily” by talking to a counselor. But Mike Youngquist doesn’t feel the same way.

Mike Youngquist agrees that it’s important for him and Natalie to work on their relationship. But the 90 Day Fiance castmate says he’s not ready to go talk to someone else about it. He would rather talk to Natalie and not have another person who knows about their problems. But, she thinks it will help them since they can’t “agree on things.”

The 90 Day Fiance spoilers explain that Mike has been trying to solve the problems that he and Natalie have in their relationship. He says he is trying to communicate more with her. He doesn’t know why Natalie listens to what a therapist has to say but doesn’t want to listen to him. Mike also doesn’t want to spend money just to have a “simple” conversation with her.

90 Day Fiance: Mike & Natalie Struggle to Find Solution

Mike doesn’t think going to couples therapy will help him and Natalie. He shows no interest in wanting to see a therapist. Mike Youngquist says he and Natalie have “some issues that go beyond talking.” He believes they will “need more than a therapist.” 90 Day Fiance spoilers indicate that Natalie is not happy that Mike is shutting down her suggestion.

She feels that talking to someone will help them. Natalie says it’s hard to have a problem and not have a “solution” for it. She believes that Mike feels “threatened” and “scared,” so she doesn’t want to try his solution of seeing a psychologist.

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