90 Day Fiance: Was Emily Bieberly Drinking At Her Wedding?

90 Day Fiance: Was Emily Bieberly Drinking At Her Wedding?

TLC viewers have had enough of Emily Bieberly. The glorious lady of 90 Day Fiance acts like a notorious character and often likes to do things her own way. This behaviour has affected her relationship.

Although the couple claims to love each other, Emily’s actions prove otherwise. The young mother is back in the news for breaking some rules. Apparently, the reality celebrity was seen sipping champagne during her wedding. Fans are furious because it’s her wedding and on top of that, she’s pregnant.

90 Day Fiance: Was Emily Bieberly Drinking At Her Wedding?

Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise have often clashed because of their financial situation or Emily’s insecurity. Moreover, Kobe Blaise set some reluctant rules for his wife to follow. Thus, the fans were never fans of the couple.

However, as the broadcast continued, TLC viewers learned that Emily seemed to be on the wrong side. 90 Day Fiance has been throwing unnecessary tantrums during the show. There have also been several times when Emily mocked Kobe Blaise and said things that demeaned him. In addition, the future mother has no source of income. As a result, she and Kobe Blaise are dependent on their father for a place to live and some financial security.

So audiences don’t tune in to Emily as much. Now that she’s getting married, she’s trying to make the audience angry again. At her wedding, fans noticed Emily holding a bottle in her hand and drinking from it, as brought out by ScreenRant. Viewers of 90 Day Fiance thought she might be drinking beer.

However, some people pointed out that what Emily Bieberly was drinking was a non-alcoholic drink. Also, fans noticed that Emily was holding champagne glasses at her wedding party, so they believed that Bieberly was drinking. Some even said she looked “sloppy and drunk” during the wedding. Similarly, if that wasn’t enough, Kobe posted a video on his Instagram of him partying with Emily and their family.

People watched closely as Emily Bieberly poured herself a tall glass of drink. However, it was not easy to tell what she was drinking. One 90 Day Fiance viewer congratulated Kobe, but they also hoped Bieberly wouldn’t drink for the baby. Meanwhile, Emily commented that she brought a non-alcoholic drink so no one would know she was pregnant. Well, whether the other two drinks were non-alcoholic is still unknown to viewers. Some people also said that those who decide have no right to interfere in her life.

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