Alaskan Bush People: Noah Brown Shared A New Photo Of Adam Bishop.

Alaskan Bush People: Noah Brown Shared A New Photo Of Adam Bishop.

As the anniversary of Billy Brown’s death approaches, Noah Brown of Alaska Bush People shared a touching photo of his newborn son with followers. The usually private Noah and his wife Rhain Alisha welcomed their son Adam Bishop Brown back in November. The newest member of the dog pack joined big brother Elijah.

Noah Brown has never been the kind of reality star to reveal his life to fans, but he was more than excited to share baby news regarding his growing family. It’s safe to say that Ami Brown is excited to have another grandchild, as she also talked about future generations living on the ranch.

Noah and Rhain got married in 2018 after meeting while the family was still in Alaska. Fans of the series may recall that Noah wrote her love letters and convinced her to fly to be with her husband in Brown Town. Their first son was born five months after their divorce and was Ami and Billy Brown’s first grandchild.

Alaskan Bush People: Noah Brown Shared A New Photo Of Adam Bishop.

The Alaskan Bush People star took to her Instagram to post a smiling photo of baby Adam over the weekend. Noah wrote a glorious tribute to his two sons when he wrote that his once busy world now revolves around them.

Followers could see that baby Adam is starting to look more and more like his mum. Wolf Pack supporters commented on how proud Noah’s dad Billy would have been to see him doing such a great job supporting his family through a difficult year. Noah’s brother, Bear Brown, also liked the family-friendly post.

It’s almost the one-year anniversary of Billy Brown’s passing. In February, the family shared that the patriarch had suffered a severe seizure while living in Loomis, and was unable to recover. The last season of Alaskan Bush People showed the entire Brown family grieving as they tried their best to move forward with Billy’s dream of a self-sustaining ranch. For his part, Noah continued his work on all things engineering while making sure he was home with his wife and children.

Alaskan Bush People fans grieved as the Wolf Pack laid Billy Brown to rest and wondered if the show would continue. While the Discovery network hasn’t made any major announcements yet, Noah and the rest of the siblings have been very vocal on social media as they do their best to keep fans informed. It snowed significantly at North Star Ranch recently, as fans learned from Noah’s second post, and the growing family is enjoying their time playing and making memories.

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